I have a confession for all the ladies out there. I’m going to tell you a secret. I love being a man, but it’s hard to be a modern man.

I’m never going to complain about being a man. I love being a man. I enjoy it. I like being a man in all different eras.

I’ve been on this planet for five decades and I’ve got to play a lot of different roles in being a man.

I remember, in the 80s and the 90s, the only way you were ever going to meet a woman was by being a man.

You had to go up and approach a woman and talk to her, and you had to intrigue her. You had to listen. You had to flirt.

Remember that? Remember when people actually flirted with each other when they were out and about?

That, to me, was being a man.

It was hunting for women. It was going out on a Friday night and actually approaching her, having the balls and the nerve to approach.

It was walking up to a group of women having brunch on a Saturday and actually talking to the woman that you were interested in. And talking to her friends too, so they all liked you as well. So you got the thumbs up right after you left.

The Good Old Days

I loved being a man in that era because, well, truthfully, because I felt like I could have any woman I wanted.

Sure, I know a woman had to decide whether she was attracted to me and all that other stuff, but in reality, I really did feel like I could have any woman because I knew the majority of men weren’t approaching women at all.

As a matter of fact, when I first started my business, I focused on coaching men to teach them how to approach women. I loved it, every single bit of it. It was fun. It was enjoyable. It was satisfying. Because, to me, being a man means that you have no fear when it comes down to talking to women.

The Modern Man in Today’s Dating World

being a modern manNow, in 2016, being a modern man doesn’t mean anything anymore. There are all these dating apps. We’re judging each other by pictures.

Online dating. You don’t have to approach anymore. Nobody needs to flirt anymore.

Now, a modern man is all about waiting. Does she like me, is she texting me back? I remember when I met a girl for the very, very first time, I had to call her on the phone and show her that the personality that she met, that very first time, was the same personality as the guy on the phone.

Now, when you pick up the phone, dial a number, you get thrown to voicemail right away. And plain and simple, there are no phone conversations anymore.

So I’m thrown into the pile with all these other unmodern, all these other un-men, I call them.

Men who just learned how to text a little bit and got picked on Bumble because they had a picture. Women have so much choice nowadays that the modern man has to be okay if he doesn’t get his first or second choice. The modern man has to know and understand that he just needs to let girls go because the bottom line is that they’ve got so many so-called options.

Approaching a Woman

I like being a man. I like approaching women. I like flirting with a woman, and I liked having the momentum that starts at that moment.

The problem is that nowadays, we swipe, we type, we’re online, and we really don’t need to be the man that we needed to be before.

So it means that you have to play a whole different game. See, I used to love this. I used to love walking over to a woman knowing that we had this spark, calling her on the phone, knowing that she wanted to go out with me.

Most guys weren’t approaching. Now, I walk up and approach her, but I’m just one of five or six guys she’s playing with from Bumble or Tinder. Every woman I meet is dating two or three different guys. It never was like that. It used to be all about chemistry, passion, and a spark, and giving it an opportunity to be spontaneous and connect and meet.

Now, as a modern man, you just know that you have to fill the application out, and well, wait and see if the application is approved.

It’s weird being a modern man. Personally, I like the good old days, but change is what happens in life, so I need to learn how to become a modern man. I just wanted all of you to know that. It’s frustrating at times because I am a throw-back man, and I enjoy it, and I’m proud of that.