Booty callsToday I got an email that kind of distressed me. I’m going to read it to you now, because I need to be sure none of you is making the same mistake as the woman who wrote to me. So they email says…


I’ve been trying to get the attention of this man for on and off two years now. Recently we reconnected and got together a few times late at night for “sleep overs.” When I’m with him, I feel so comfortable and I haven’t felt like that with a man for years. I never know what to say and fee about our relationship though. I have to put my foot in my mouth so many times because then I won’t hear from him unless I make initial contact. I sense his attraction to me but he plays it real cool. I’d like to get to know him on a deeper level than sexually. Is he a player maybe?

I don’t mind even if he is a player because when I’m with him I know he could be choosing to be somewhere else, so I take it for what it is. I feel there could definitely be something stronger between us, but how can I penetrate his walls?”

“Is He A Player?”


Some women love a challenge don’t they?

I mean, there are so many things wrong with this picture it’s nuts. You think he’s guarded or protecting himself, and you want to know how to penetrate his walls. He has no walls to penetrate. Without meaning to sound crude, the only thing being penetrated here is you!

Is he a player? Who cares? He just wants to have sex with you and nothing more. Three years down the line and you’re still trying to get his attention. Doesn’t that put you in a position of weakness?

A weak person tries to get someone’s attention. A strong person realizes they’re wasting their time. Someone should be giving YOU the attention. You’re the gift. Someone should want to be with you. I love how you put it that you’re having “sleep overs.”

Why don’t you just call it what it is. He calls you late at night for sex. Another thing obviously wrong with this is you’re always worried about saying the wrong thing. If you can’t speak your mind and can’t be yourself, there is NO relationship. If you have to monitor your every word, and have to be careful what you say, you’re not in a relationship.

Lastly, you don’t hear from him unless you contact him. So you’re chasing him the whole time. This isn’t going anywhere. This is NEVER going to go anywhere. You’re chasing a man who uses you when he gets horny. Please wake up to what’s going on here. He does not want to be in a relationship with you. Stop trying to create stories based on your needs, wants, and desires. This is a fantasy and nothing more. It’s time to give up on him and put yourself back together. If you want to find out where to find the kind of mature, relationship-ready men who won’t treat you like a piece of meat, then you want to check THIS out!