Why do men get distantShe was lonely and couldn’t take it anymore. He only gave her one hour a week. Think about that. This man was giving “his” woman one measly hour a week. That included conversation, foreplay, and sex. It was like a fantasy for this guy. To put it crudely he gets to masturbate inside her, and not have to do anything else. He just gets off, grabs his things, and heads off.

And STILL, I get the same emails from women over and over again. “Why do I only attract players? Why do all the men I meet end up treating me like a booty call?”

Men and women have very different needs and desires when it comes to dating. I’ve written this so many times, and I’m going to write it again. How do you figure out which guy is a player, and which guy is in it for the long haul?

It’s very simple. For the first two weeks a guy dates you, he’ll be on his best behavior. He’ll be trying so hard to impress you. He’ll be making promises and saying all the things he thinks you want to hear. This is the time you need to determine whether he’s walking the walk, or just talking the talk. Write down all the things he talks about, and then see whether he actually follows through, and whether his promises add up.

What percentage does he have? And I’ve said this before too, but he needs to be batting at 100% for you to spread your legs, because too many women give it up early to try and hook the man. In reality, when you make it that easy, all you do is attract the players and men who don’t want to commit. When you jump right into bed with a man you let the monster inside. He hasn’t had to do anything, or had to follow through on anything he’s said to you. Now you’re in bed with him giving him the sex he craves. Now guess what happens?

You’re going to be the one-hour booty call. This guy isn’t going to have a relationship with you. Why does he have to when he can sleep with you without working for it at all? It seems like no matter how many times I say this, I still keep getting emails from women trying to figure out why a guy isn’t devoting any time to them!

How Do You Spot A Player?

His BS excuses should give him away. His life is busy. He’s stuck at work all the time. His ex is being difficult. He has problems with his children, etc etc. They’re all excuses that women buy because they’re compassionate and desperate for connection. Don’t buy into his excuses, and don’t sleep with him until he’s at least followed through on some promises, or at least demonstrated he’s not just looking for easy sex. If you feel like you have to sleep with a man just to get him hooked on you, you’re only ever going to attract the wrong kind of men.

Real men won’t have any problem waiting for the “good stuff” from you. In fact, a real man will be happy to wait until he’s got to know you, and until he knows you’re completely comfortable with him. Stop wasting your time with Mr. One Hour a Week!