The other day I was talking to an old client of mine on the phone.

She got drunk on a date, invited the guy back to her house, and they performed oral sex on one another.

That doesn’t sound like a bad date to me, except for the drinking part. Because you see: anything done under the influence of alcohol will be regretted the very next morning.

If the two of you are on a date, and you go back to someone’s house and you have oral sex and you’re totally sober, it’s a conscious decision made by two sober people; it was two mature adults that made the decision based on passion, with a clear conscience, based on being in the moment—a moment that was not clouded by alcohol.

The same exact moment, clouded by alcohol, will create an entirely different situation the next day.

The guy may not call back; the girl may not call back.  The guy might text; the girl might text.

But here’s the deal: when you do something on a date—sex or otherwise—under the influence of alcohol, there’s going to be regret the next day from one or both parties. And it could kill a potential relationship right then and there.

You know how they say, “don’t drink and drive”. Well: don’t drink and date.

Keep a clear conscience when you’re dating. Keep a clear mind when you’re dating, because every decision that you make should be made with a clear mindset.

So my poor client was all worried: the guy was not texting her back.

So I told her, “Stop the madness. It was one encounter, you did what you did, now move forward. And, you got to have oral sex for the first time in a few years, so that’s pretty damn good. You got to enjoy yourself, so look at the positive.”

And, of course, she was all upset. She couldn’t stop thinking about it.  She was wondering if he was going to text her, what he was thinking, and what she should do.

But that’s why you don’t ever drink and date. Drinking and dating is dangerous—it tends to always cause problems.

If the man doesn’t text or call you back, let it go.  Sure, you can lob one final text and ask him how he’s doing. If he doesn’t get back to you, then you may never find an answer.

But just let it go. I know it’s hard.  But the quicker you let it go, the quicker you’re going to be able to date with a clear conscience again.  You’ll meet somebody who’s fantastic, and more importantly, find a man who deserves the beauty of you as a woman.

So once again, don’t drink and drive, and definitely don’t drink and date.