How did I just make you feel when you read that title? Why don’t you want love? 

Isn’t the main reason you’ve been reading me on a regular basis that you absolutely desire love?

Don’t you desire love so much that you purchase some of my programs, or other self-help programs, and you’ve worked so much on yourself?

I had lunch today at Cafe Gratitude, a place I go to sometimes if I feel like having a trippy-dippy-airy-fairy conversion.

I started talking to one of the guys who works there. He’s one of my favorite people to see.

We talked about letting go of ego. That seems to be a conversation I have a lot with people.

After the conversation I thought to myself, God, here I am this ‘love guru’. Here I am dishing out this advice on a daily basis.

Here I am writing things and doing videos. Not only for you, but to enrich and grow myself.

And it dawned on me.

Something dawned on me, like Cupid’s arrow hit me in the heart. An aha moment.

I realized that all of us are out there looking for the same thing.

You might be on, or Tinder.

You might be flirting with people at your local coffee shop, or flirting with somebody when your kid is playing baseball.

We’re all here for the same reason.

To find love.

But I’m starting to think you don’t really want it.

Love takes dropping out of ego. Love takes being present. Love takes frustration.

I mean if you’re dating, you’re dealing with this stuff on a daily basis. Just when you thought you met somebody who’s fantastic, they drop off the face of the earth.

Just when you thought you’re ready for it, someone else throws you a lesson.

You see love starts and ends with the person who’s reading this blog right now.

Yeah, that’s right. It starts with you.

There’s nobody else who is going to give it to you right now if you’re alone.why-dint-you-want-love

The only person who’s giving you love is you. You’re the only person who can give you love.

You’re the only one who can allow yourself to love, and you’re the only one who can show up when you see somebody you’re attracted to, and give them as much love as you can with no expectation.

Love is there. Love is abundant. Love is inside you, but I believe because of the way some people have programmed their mind, they don’t really want it.

We all talk and say that we want love. We can go out on a date and we can face one another and we can talk about how we’re so ready for a relationship. I call that the “I am ready” talk.

But in reality, I think if love showed up on the doorstep today, I’d say 90% of you would run away in fear and wouldn’t know what to do because you wouldn’t trust it.

The thing we want the most is the thing we trust the least.


We’ve been conditioned not to trust.

Think about all of our experiences with love.

Most of our experiences with love have ended in heartache. Because it’s the one thing that always seems to end in heartache.


So even though we talk and say we want love, we desire love, I think we run from love because there’s a negative feeling around it.

Remember the last time we got this vulnerable and what happened.

Remember the person that we thought we could fall for, but who never called back.

We always attach an old story to a new potential love.

So that’s why I’m challenging you today, because when love shows up, the real question is, are you ready for it? Or are you just going to run away like a scared little girl in school after being teased by the popular girls?

Think about this. Let it sit. Let it percolate. Let it resonate inside your soul.

Tell me how you feel after you read it several times and pass it on to your friends so you can open up this discussion with them.