Choosing a guy to run with is very important. I think that it’s best to do it alone – I always have and I always will – but there are times where you just want to play off of somebody else.

You want to choose somebody that helps you and makes you look good – rather than somebody that dominates you. Rob has a guy that dominates him – and that’s not fun!

I used to hang out with a guy like who dominated all the time when I was in college. Every time we went out, I felt like the mute next to him. I could never get a word in edgewise.

Client 1: That sort of happened to me at the table up there.

David: How?

Client 1: Well, we were talking to the two women from the triathlon, and he had so many questions to fire right back at them. I felt like it was pretty hard to get a word in edgewise.

David: Yeah, you have to be able to play off of each other.

Client 2: Yeah, sorry about that. That’s why, at the end of it, I said maybe you wanted to take the front seat next time. Just let me know next time what you want to do.

David: You really want to find somebody that can play off of you – and not somebody that is competing with you. You don’t want to compete with your wing; you want to be able to play off of each other.

It has to be somebody who you are comfortable with and somebody who has your back. A lot of guys make the mistake of going out with somebody who is a lot better than they are. When this happens, it looks like you’re just trying to pick up his scraps. If he doesn’t step back and really let you shine, then he’s probably not a good person to run with.

Did you notice in the Levi’s store? I stepped back to let you guys go. I was trying on those jeans – it didn’t matter if I was going to buy them or not – I did it just to step out of it for a little bit. I like to step out when the ball is rolling just so you guys can keep it going.

If a guy is competing with you, it means that he has an ego – and if he has to have every one for himself, to me, he’s not a friend.

Sometimes you have to step back!