What movies have you guys seen this year that have really resonated with you?

I just saw The Wrestler the other day, which features Mickey Rourke – and by the way, this Mickey Rourke does not look anything like the Mickey Rourke I used to know. I have no idea what happened to his face!

Granted, I live in Los Angeles, and I’ve seen some scary plastic surgery – look at Joan Rivers! She looks like an alien right now! She’s a freak.

Or look at Jerry Jones. Jerry Jones looks downright scary. Terrell Owens should be happy that Jerry Jones cut him, because who wants to look at that alien face?

But this isn’t a blog about plastic surgery gone bad. It’s all about the movies.

What movies have you seen and what characters have you really related to this year?

Did you see any romantic comedies that we shouldn’t miss?

Everyday, this blog is supposed to be about tips and advice from me – but what I really want is to fill up my Netflix queue with things that you guys suggest! I want to know what movies you really related to and why. What characters did you really feel for?

That Mickey Rourke role in The Wrestler was one of the most amazing characters I’ve ever seen. It was just so sad.

And I’ve seen people like that – people who are living in the past who can never get over the glory of what happened before. Their present is so miserable; they just continue to live for the past.

I know a lot of ex-athletes that I’ve worked with and coached that are still like that – they’re in their fifties now, but they just wish they were back in their twenties and living in the glory days. They talk about the way life used to be, thirty years ago, when they were icons.

That’s why I liked that movie so much – it reminded me of a lot of clients who remember how good their life used to be but can’t seem to figure out how to turn their life around now. One of the best movies to really inspire and get your ass off the couch is Defending Your Life.

Anyone who wants to make a change in their lives needs to watch it!!

So share with me some of the movies that you’ve recently seen!

And here is a great scene from Defending Your Life.