I was hanging out with a bunch of friends the other night and we started talking about very deep topics: women and the afterlife. I told the group that if I ever come back in another form, I’d want to come back as a woman.

That’s right. I want to come back as a woman. Why? Besides the obvious reason, multiple orgasms, as a woman I can control the world because I know exactly how weak men really are for women.  I know how to manipulate men so well that if I was a woman—oh my God—I’d be able to get inside every single guy’s mind. I would know exactly what every guy was thinking, what he was doing, what he wanted. I’d be able to play any man I ever wanted and meet any man I wanted.

I’d play the men in business. I’d be successful. And I’d use my sexuality and my power of being a woman. I would just go put on a great outfit that I felt sexy in and walk the boardwalk with power, knowing that any man I looked at I could have.

I would have no issues with dating. I mean, dating would be completely problem-free because I would know that as a woman, I have all the power. I have the power to flirt. I’ve got the power to turn on my sexual energy. I’ve got the power to move men. I’ve got the power to encourage a man to move towards me with just a look in my eyes.

It’s amazing.  And all these years of coaching women, I always ask women over and over again, “Do you realize how powerful you really are? Do you realize how easy it is for you to meet men?”

You’ve got to get rid of the old way of thinking! You can’t be thinking that men are just going to walk over to you.  Let me tell you something: 90% of men wish they had the power to just walk over to you.  That’s the reason why they buy my products and they come to my boot camps. And there aren’t enough of the other 10% who, like me, love approaching women.

Here’s the deal: it’s up to you to learn your power.  It’s up to you to embrace your femininity.  It’s up to you to realize how amazing and incredibly sexy you are as a woman.  And you need to start doing that every single day.