We all need a place to hang out.

Remember the TV show Cheers, where everybody knew your name?

That show is so popular because it showed people hanging out.

When I blog, I dictate. And a lot of those, I dictate at the places I hang out.

I do it while I’m sitting in an infrared sauna. Right now, it’s 144 degrees in here, and I know I’m probably being stupid having the iPhone connected to the Internet in here and probably frying my battery and probably parts of my iPhone quicker than I should.

But it’s quite creative energy for me in here. It allows me just to think. There’s nothing going on at all. It’s peaceful in here. I listen to some bad looping music and sweat for 50 minutes, and get out all my toxins and my anger and whatever else I’m thinking about. It’s a great hangout for me.

As I’m sitting in the sweat box, I’m listening to a couple people talk to the girl who works here.

They’re all just hanging out. I see the same band of people all the time, sitting around, talking to Matt, the owner. It’s like their version of Cheers. Which got me thinking…

Where do you like to hang out? Because in order to meet like-minded people, you need to be hanging out somewhere besides your living room, in front of your computer screen.

I’d like to hang out at this grocery store called Air One. It’s on Venice Boulevard in Venice. It’s organic, it’s a great meal, and for about $16, you get a restaurant quality meal that is just delicious.

I’ve had great conversations in there because I’m around like-minded people who like to live a healthy lifestyle.

I’m not a bar hangout person at all.

But I like to go to the farmer’s market and hang out and shoot the shit with people. The other day, I did that. I just sat at the farmer’s market for an hour and a half and just talked to people.

Where do you like to hang out? Because where you hang out should thoroughly reflect who you are as an individual.

If you’re heading to bars on a Friday or Saturday night, yet you don’t really like hanging out at a bar, then you’re just going to meet people who you don’t really connect with or have things in common with.

Some people like to hang out at gyms.

Some people, like me, like to hang out at the market.

Some people like to go to flea markets and hang out.

Some people like to go to wine bars.

Some people like to go to bars.

Some people like to hang out in a park, listening to music.

But the problem is, in today’s modern society, a lot of our hanging out is with our Macbook Pro, Dell laptop, Samsung tablet, iPhone, or Samsung S7.

We’re doing a lot of hanging out alone, because we have the illusion that if we do that, we’re actually connecting with people.

You can’t hang out on Facebook and actually expect to go and meet people, because most people don’t meet people from Facebook. That is, unless of course, you’ve listened to my Facebook program and realized you can actually date off of Facebook.

But most of the time, we’re spending time hanging out alone. We’re alone in our thoughts.

And that’s not how you meet people, and that’s not how you find answers to life. It’s not how you grow, it’s not how you connect, it’s nothing.

But, we no longer have to be forced out of the house. We used to be forced out of the house because we only had cable television, and that was about it. And if we go even further back in time, we were forced out of the house because we only had about five or six channels when I grew up.

You see, nowadays we’ve got thousands and thousands of channels.

We’ve got online movies. If you’re a part of Amazon Prime, you can watch all of their movies.

You can sit home on Netflix until the cows come home.

We’ve got constant entertainment. We can read, we can Google things, and it’s allowed us to stay, as a society, more introverted because it gives us the illusion that we’re hanging out with people. When in reality, we’re only hanging out, mentally masturbating with ourselves.

So make a list of all the places you hang out at.

The places that you think you can hang out at.

And start hanging out, and start meeting other like-minded people. The only way to meet people truly and earnestly is to truly go out there.

It’s still the best way to do it. It’s still the most authentic, and it’s still the only way that you can really look and see who someone is, and get a feel for them instead of looking in a photo or picture.

Time for you to hang out.