The "Magic" Online Dating Secret That Make Hot Girls Want To Date (Or Even Sleep) With YOU!"

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Approach!? Women!? In PUBLIC!? No Way...

Are you really going to pull this off?

Look man, I get it...

Meeting and approaching girls can be tough...

Even if you’re a confident guy...girls aren’t always open for you to walk up and talk to them.

I’ve been a dating coach for nearly 20 years now, and sometimes even I run into the some of the problems YOU do every day...

I mean, doesn’t it drive you CRAZY when you:

  • Try to talk to women in bars who are so sick of men hitting on them all night; they don’t give you a second look.
  • Approach women who are so engrossed in their iPhone... a bomb could go off and they wouldn’t hear it.
  • Start having a great conversation with a woman... only for her “Bitch” friend to get involved and ruin it for you.

Even if you’re a fearless natural with women... wouldn’t it be amazing if the whole process of meeting and hooking up with women was EASIER?

How many more times do you want to be THIS guy?

Don’t you wish YOU could easily meet, hook up with, and even DATE thousands of beautiful girls....

  • ....Without leaving your home
  • ....Without the risk of nerve-shredding approach anxiety
  • ....Without fighting for something to say
  • ....Without having to waste money, buying girls drinks
  • ....Without using online dating sites and competing with dozens of other guys trying to get the same girl

If Only There Was A Place That Made It Easy To Meet Girls...

If only there was a place where girls felt comfortable, and actually WANTED to meet and connect with a guy like YOU...

If only there was a place you could meet girls without the nerves, pressure, expense, and all the other stuff that goes with “normal” dating!

Well my friend...

That place does exist. You probably already go there every day (and night!)... and if you read every word on this page, you’ll discover the secrets to having more female attention than you can handle... all from clicking your mouse and sending a few very specific messages on the world’s best kept secret hideout of beautiful available women...


That’s right...

In a few minutes, I’m going to show you how to use Facebook to find a girlfriend, get casual dates, or even just get laid...

And here’s the best part, most guys don’t even realize how EASY it is to seduce girls on Facebook.

What I’m about to share with you will give you a MAJOR advantage over other guys...

And if you’re serious about getting yourself a girlfriend (or maybe even just a few casual dates) you could turn Facebook into your very own girl-spewing ATM machine in under an hour from now!

This System is PROVEN to Work for ANY Man!

Why am I so confident that you'll be able to EASILY meet, seduce and close some of the most attractive women on Facebook?

Well, I've been a dating coach for both men and women for over 20 years. I've intimately studied the female mind, what triggers their attraction, and the secret buttons you can push to make women go nuts for you.


...and when you use the exact techniques and message templates you’ll learn, you’ll find your message inbox flooded with interested girls every time you log in.

TRUE SOTRY: The other day I logged into Facebook, and waiting for me was this message from Stacy...

“Hi, I’ve been thinking about our date next week. I’m sooo excited to meet you. I already know what I’m going to wear. I think you’re going to like it 😉 Call me when you see this message.”

Those are the EXACT kinds of messages I get from women on Facebook, and once I teach you my secret system, you’ll be getting them too!

I guarantee it!

The Little-Known Secret...
That NO OTHER GUYS Realize About Facebook!

In a few minutes, I’m going to let you in one of those little known secrets to hooking up with girls on Facebook... and you’ll want to pay close attention, because I’m going to reveal a DEADLY MISTAKE most guys make... that turns girls off you 100% of the time!

In fact, when you make this mistake... you’ll be friend-zoned so fast it’ll make your head spin!

Did You Know...

The average person spends up to 3.2 hours a day on Facebook and other social networks?

Isn’t that crazy?

3 hours every day, millions of people are logging into their Facebook to check for messages and status updates!

Just think about that for a moment...

How many beautiful, single women do you think that gives you easy access to?


But right now, I want you to let something sink in for a second...

Every day you can turn on your computer, tablet, or iPhone, and instantly contact ANY girl you’re attracted to on Facebook!

Facebook is like the world’s biggest nightclub, except its open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And it’s jammed full of attractive, single women, happy to meet a guy like YOU!

When you know how to use it properly, it’s like having your own personal 24/7 speed-dating event... except you’re in complete control, and you choose which sexy girls get to chat to you!

Without a doubt... Facebook is the EASIEST place to meet and hook up with hot girls!

And it’s been under your nose the whole time!

Think about it... Where else can you meet girls...

  • Without having to spend money standing around in crowded noisy bars and clubs
  • Without needing the courage to cold approach them in the street
  • Without the paralyzing fear of approach anxiety
  • Without the terror of awkward silences (aren’t they the worst?)
  • Without worrying about what you’re wearing and if you look good
  • Without any of her friends pulling her away from you
  • Without other douche-bags cock-blocking you
  • Without the competition from thousands of guys on the online dating sites

This guy is getting more action in one night than the guys at bars get in a year!

I mean... on Facebook... you can literally sit at home in your underwear, click your mouse a few times and start talking to amazing women. And it doesn’t matter if you’re shy, nervous, broke, or unemployed!

You don’t need money, clothes, cars, or any of that other stuff you think you need when you meet women face to face...

It’s EASY!

How To Avoid The Biggest "Attraction Killer" on Facebook.


Here’s the problem...

You HAVE to know what you’re doing, or you’re going to end up looking like a complete idiot!

Remember, I promised I’d tell you about the DEADLY mistake most guys make on Facebook?

Ready to hear it?

Make sure you pay attention because if you make this mistake you’ll turn girls off you INSTANTLY!

DO NOT EVER “Like” every photo and status a girl you like posts!

You see, most guys dig through EVERY holiday snap and party picture a girl ever posted on Facebook, and they’ll start liking and commenting on EVERY SINGLE ONE...

...Hoping she’ll pay him some attention!

Here’s why you shouldn’t do it...

It’s it makes you look desperate... and it makes you look like all the other chumps trying to hook up with her.

Think about it...

Every guy “likes” and makes stupid comments on all her photos.

It’s so obvious. You look like a little kid jumping up and down trying to get his Mommy’s attention!

Do you think she doesn’t know you’re stalking her profile?

It’s just like being the creepy guy that sits in the corner of bar or coffee shop, staring at her, but never actually saying anything to her.

Is that who you want to be?

It’s the #1 mistake guys make on Facebook!

The only way to drive girls on Facebook wild with desire for you is to spark intrigue and emotion in them.

You have to win their mind before you can get to their body!

When you know what you’re doing, Facebook gives you the chance to sneak under her radar, and become the guy she wants to meet, date, and sleep with, and she’ll have NO CLUE how or why she’s feeling so attracted to you!

When you know how to use Facebook the right way... not only can you make yourself look like the coolest guy in town, but you’ll have attention from more girls than you can handle!

And I’m going to show you how easy it is to meet, date, and have sex with beautiful girls by doing nothing more than scrolling through your Facebook feed, and sending a few messages, that tap into SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN femaleemotional hot buttons”...

These “hot buttons”are hidden deep inside EVERY woman’s psychosexual core, and once you know how to press them, you’ll get so many girls messaging you... you’re going to have to turn automatic notifications off.

The best thing about it is: these “emotional hot buttons” work regardless of whether you’re fat, bald, broke, or still live at home!


Did You Also Know...

Just in case you’re still not convinced Facebook is the easiest place on the planet to meet girls, let me just smash a BIG MYTH about getting dates on Facebook...

The Big Lie = “Girls aren’t looking for dates on Facebook...”

WRONG! In fact, one of the main things girls do on Facebook is search for their next boyfriend.

They get to scan and learn about guys before they decide whether to date them or not.

I’ve interviewed a ton of women about this, and they all admit to checking out guys on Facebook!

The statistics prove it too, because...

FACT: “95% Of Online Daters Surveyed Say They Use Facebook To Get A Date!”

Think about that...

So what are these “hot buttons”?

And what “Secrets” do I use myself to meet and hookup with women on Facebook?

I reveal all in...

Facebook: Friends to Lovers

The One & Only Extremely Powerful, Highly Effective 3-Step System for Meeting, Interacting With & Closing Girls on Facebook...

How does this 3-step system work?

It first triggers an intense, almost-obsessive curiosity in their brain...

And then it quickly becomes a gut-level, burning sexual attraction she won’t be able to fight...

These girls will want to meet you so badly, they’ll practically BEG to see you as soon as possible.

All of this from your magnetic profile, and few simple messages, and a deep understanding of female sexual psychology...

You see, women have certain triggers that control interest, arousal, and sexual desire.

Once you know what these triggers are, you can tap into them whenever you find a girls you’re attracted to.

It's As Simple As...

  • Creating a profile that makes girls FEEL something emotionally
  • Follow up with the girls you’re interested in
  • Catch, close, and conquer!

In this 5-Part Video program, you’ll see LIVE footage of my Facebook account, and witness live instant messages going back and forth between me and several hot women.

You’ll see my exact profile, how I select the right photos, and you’ll see and hear why I set my profile up like I have.

You’ll also hear me break everything down for you step-by-step, so you can literally just copy and paste into your own Facebook accounts.

You’ll see me show you...

  • How to set up your Facebook profile... you need this to create intrigue and interest in girls
  • Which photos to choose... and the ones you should NEVER post unless you want to look like a complete JERK!
  • How to write status updates... this is one of the secrets to getting girls to respond to you
  • How to use Facebook groups... they can turn you into an instant local celebrity girls adore!
  • How to put Facebook Instant Messaging to good use... to flirt with the girls you met... One tip will make her say “Yes” to a date EVERY TIME!
  • How to avoid looking like a weird online stalker... there are 3 things you must NEVER do on Facebook!
  • And a whole lot more!

I explain everything in detail, so you can understand why each message works so well. You just simply copy and paste in your own account, and watch the hot girls pile into your inbox!

It couldn’t be simpler to meet and attract women online!

Here Are Just Some Of The Devastatingly Effective Facebook Tactics You’ll See Demonstrated in Facebook: Friends To Lovers...

Volume 1:

Creating Your Facebook Profile

In the first volume, we start with the important basics. You need to know how to set up your profile to create intrigue and interest in girls. I discovered certain details you can put on your profile which get girls talking to you every single time.

It’s all about making girls feel like they’ve known you forever, and I show you exactly how to do this, step-by-step. All you need to do is copy and paste!

Here’s what you’ll discover...

  • Why you need to know the difference between your profile picture and your cover picture... And how to use them BOTH to show women why they should date you!
  • How to use pictures to spike a woman’s emotions... And make her feel like she’s known you forever... (TIP — Women won’t date men they don’t feel familiar with!)
  • The importance of Facebook “Speed”...And how to use instant messaging to melt her heart... (This is something 99% of guys get VERY wrong and it puts women off!)
  • How to use the power of details to attract women... When you do this right, she’ll be desperate to meet you face to face!
  • How to avoid the biggest profile mistakes men make every day... And how to create a profile that sub-consciously FORCES women to contact you.
  • Why you should use stories in your profile... And why women are hard-wired to respond sexually to you when you tell them.
  • The secret are of selecting your profile pictures... and the pictures that will ruin your chances of attracting women... Avoid these at ALL costs!
  • Why you need to beware of “tagged pictures” and how to deal with them... If you don’t do this you lose ALL your credibility...
  • The power of “social proof”...How to get more of it, and how to use it to make yourself irresistible to women
  • And much more!

Volume 2:

How To Create Status Updates On Facebook

Status updates are SO important, but so many guys get them wrong. Writing status updates isn’t about being funny or clever. In fact, when you try to get a laugh from girls, most the time you end up in the friend-zone.

In this volume, I show you how to write powerful statuses that create attraction, and make girls want to contact you. I also show you how to avoid the killer status mistakes, guaranteed to turn women off you!

Here’s what you’ll discover...

  • Why so many men get their statuses wrong... And the 4 deadly status mistakes to avoid!
  • The secret “mind trick” involving embarrassing statuses... And why women will adore you if you use them... (This tip alone will get you dozens of girls messaging you!)
  • How to avoid the “Mr. Boring” tag... And the 3 “Warning Signs” you’re women are losing interest in you
  • The things you should never talk about on Facebook ... You probably talk about at least two of them RIGHT NOW!
  • Why your iPhone is your new best friend... And how to use it to make yourself look like a f’#king celebrity!
  • The danger of Facebook games... And the one thing you must NEVER do if you want to get a girlfriend
  • The best time of day to post a status... When you post at this time you’ll have more hot women answering you than any other time of day!
  • What Facebook “Superhero talk” is... And why if you use it you’ll attract the wrong kind of women
  • The Facebook “Memory Trick”...And how to use it to make yourself stand out from every other guy on the Internet.
  • When to add women to your friends list... And why there’s a certain way of adding friends you MUST avoid!
  • How to avoid setting off a woman’s “Stalker Guy” radar... It all has to do with pictures past a certain age..
  • How to use comments to stand out... When you comment like THIS you will INTRIGUE and AROUSE the girl of your choosing.
  • Why Facebook butt kissers don’t get laid... And how to avoid looking like one!
  • How to show you’re a confident alpha-male... without coming across as a jerk... This creates powerful magnetic attraction in almost any woman you use it on.
  • How to create intimacy... Use this powerful tip to escalate your relationship and get her on the phone... (And then on a date!
  • The perfect IM length... and why going  long is a bad idea...(We show you live examples of conversations with VERY hot women so you can copy what I do!)
  • And much more!

Volume 3:

How To Gauge Interest

This volume shows you how to spot which girls are responding to you. Why waste time trying to talk to girls who aren’t interested in dating you, when you have dozens of great looking girls who are?

You just need to know how to read the signs of attraction, and how to hook the girls you want QUICKLY in 3 simple steps!

Here’s what you’ll discover...

  • Why you need to understand Facebook “Likes”...And how women use them to show you they’re interested
  • How to track down your secret admirers... and the giveaways she’s into you.
  • How to initiate conversation with a woman who shows interest... These 3 techniques get you from Instant Message to first date so quickly it’ll make your head spin!
  • How to read beneath the lines... And the comments that show women want to get “Intimate” with you... (Live examples and tips of what to do next...)
  • When and how to get personal... Your timing needs to be spot on or you’ll blow your chances with her
  • “The Boyfriend Magnet” and what it means... When she tells you she has a boyfriend, she’s really saying THIS...
  • How to play Facebook cat and mouse... and why women go crazy for it... This secretly turns them on!
  • How to make hot women message you FIRST... You just need to do THESE 2 odd things to your profile
  • How to show interest... Without making yourself look like a pussy
  • How to create instant dates... And how to close her for a meet online within a few days!
  • The “Like Power Trip” and how to use it to attract women... This makes women FIGHT to prove themselves to you..
  • How to take control early in your “relationship”...And how to make women desire you without knowing why.
  • And much more!

Volume 4:

Expanding Your Network

Facebook isn’t just great for hooking up with girls. When you know how to explode your network of friends and contacts, you literally become a local celebrity!

Imagine being the guy everyone wants to hang out with in your area. In this volume I show you how to use the power of networking to create massive amounts of social proof!

Here’s what you’ll discover...

  • How to use the “Events” feature... And how to become a local celebrity women are desperate to hang with
  • How to throw Facebook parties... full of stunning women who want to meet you!
  • How to get your friends laid... Your buddies will love you for life when you start doing this for them!
  • How to know when you have too many friends... And why women won’t take you seriously if you do
  • How to reopen old connections ... And get them to skyrocket the amount of women contacting you.
  • How to build your network for work and business... 4 simple ways to turn Facebook into your own personal cash-spewing monster!
  • And much more!

Volume 5:

Essential Facebook Tips

This volume is jammed packed with every little hint, tip, and technique you’ll ever need to master dating Facebook. The power you’ll have in your hands when you’ve watched this volume is scary!

You’ll have every tool you need to meet, attract, and close ANY girl you choose on Facebook!

Here’s what you’ll discover...

  • The dangers of “Poking”... and the mistake you make EVERY time you log into Facebook
  • The power of quality... If you don’t understand this concept, you’ll never meet women online
  • Why you must clean up your newsfeed... And the things you can post which get women tingling with sexual desire
  • What to do about Facebook dramas... And how to use them to ask a woman out
  • How to get involved with groups... and how to get hot women to contact you
  • Using music and books to create a great impression... There are certain books which instantly make women attracted to you... I reveal which ones you NEED on your profile
  • Spotting fake Facebook profiles... And how to avoid being scammed or embarrassed online
  • The sign you’re talking to a stalker... And how to let her down gently so she doesn’t try to track you down!
  • And much more!

Can You Cope With THIS MUCH Female Attention???

This powerful and unique program comes in five action-packed volumes you can download instantly, so you can watch them on your computer laptop, tablet, or even your cellphone.

How do I know this will work for YOU?

I know it works because I use this exact system myself to meet women on Facebook. In fact, you’ll see me setting up dates with a couple of “hotties” in the program!

Not only can I tell you confidently this will work for you, but you can start getting results yourself QUICKLY and EASILY, because I walk you through everything step-by-step.

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Imagine me sitting right next to you, telling you exactly what to put on your Facebook profile to attract women.

Imagine me showing you which kind of photos to use to make girls want to get to know you.

How easy do you think it would be for you to get a girlfriend, if I was right there telling you exactly what messages to send girls?

That’s exactly what you get with “Facebook: Friends To Lovers”

I become your Facebook “Wing Man”... and I guarantee it!

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Facebook — Secret Conversations REVEALED

One of the best ways to become an expert, is to watch and learn from someone already successful.

An even better way to become an expert is to COPY what other successful people do. It works for them, and it can work for you... right?

Well, this amazing new product gives you an incredibly rare opportunity to do just that.

“Facebook — Secret Conversations REVEALED” is a collection of MY OWN private messages and conversations that I’ve had with women on Facebook.

That’s right...

I’m so committed to helping you make a success of this; I’m doing something NOBODY else has ever DARED to do...

I’m letting you read full conversations and interactions between me... and some of the beautiful women I’ve met on Facebook.

You’ll see what we both said, how the conversation started, how I closed her, and when I started to sexually escalate her. These are personal interactions that I’ve never shared with ANYONE, but I’m giving them to you in this amazing BONUS to “Facebook: Friends To Lovers”

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Facebook Dream Land

In this powerful 15-minute audio, I share with you the dangers of “Future Casting” and show you how to avoid it. I also discuss how easy it is to giveaway your power to girls on Facebook, and share some simple ways to stay in control.

I also open up, and reveal some very personal stories with you about mistakes I’ve made with women in the past, and show you how easily YOU could make the same mistakes on Facebook!

This audio will give you the strong, powerful mindset needed to succeed with girls not just on Facebook, but everywhere you meet them. This is a very personal audio you’ll want to listen to again and again.


Twitter Seduction Made Easy

Can you really meet and seduce women with only 160 character messages?

100% YES you can!

I’ve done it, I still do it to this day (I show you proof!) and in this amazing bonus product, I show you step-by-step how to do it yourself.

Honestly, this system is so simple, you could log into Twitter and start using it within the next 10 minutes!

Imagine, 10 minutes from now, logging into Twitter, sending a tweet to a hot girl you like, and within a few minutes getting an eager, interested, and even naughty response from her!

This is so powerful, but so simple... You’ll be kicking yourself for not figuring this stuff out for yourself.

One time I sent this gorgeous dental nurse a 5-word tweet...

5 words!

That’s it!

And you know what happened?

5 minutes later she tweeted me her phone number... and we were arranging to meet up for a date.

I’ll show you exactly how I did it in this power-packed bonus!

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A 10-Day FREE Trial Of The Slight Edge Society

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