I’m done, I’m over it. I’m over listening to the rants and the raves and the bitching and how angry everybody is. I want you to start taking that negative energy and turning it into a positive.

For those of you who don’t know how I write, I write while I drive.

I know, it’s a fucking skill, isn’t it, to be able to write while I drive. How do I write while I drive?

Well, it’s real simple. I use something called Copytalk.

Check it out. And if you want to use them, it’s the best dictation service I’ve ever used. And please mention my name, because I get some kudos and a free month.

Anyway, I dictate. And as I’m driving, thinking about the post election mood of the United States of America, living in what most of us call a blue state of California — according to a lot of the posts from the last week, an elitist state. I take a short cut down an alleyway in Marina Del Rey.

The average condo price in Marina Del Rey is about 800,000.

A two bedroom apartment, if you’re lucky, rents for 3,600.

It’s situated on a beach, but the beach is not exactly the cleanest beach in the world.

The traffic is horrendous.

Getting anywhere can drive you nuts.

So you learn to use alleys to get through at 5:00 in the afternoon.

As I’m driving down the alley, I head toward the Walgreens on the corner of Lincoln and Washington.

Along the side of the building, right in one of the highest priced areas of real estate in Los Angeles are homeless people.

Homeless people with tents. Do we call them condos? I don’t think so. They’re homeless, in our own back yard. But we ignore the homeless consistently.

We bitch and complain about things that we can’t control, like what Trump’s going to do in the presidency.

But yet, we ignore the homeless that are all over the place. Go to Venice, one of the biggest places for tourists to go. Go on Rose Avenue and walk down 4th Street. Walk along Rose between 4th and 5th Street and between 3rd and 4th and you’ll see tents of homeless people looking for money, looking for food. They can’t afford the elitist California dream anymore.

There’s homeless people everywhere, there’s people on welfare throughout our entire country. There’s people in need of help. There are single mothers who can’t pay their bills, and yet we bitch and complain constantly about what our president can and can’t do.

Here’s what I want y’all to do. I want you to take that anger and negative energy that you have right now. It’s a good thing. You’re feeling something, so congratulations for feeling something.

I’m proud of you. I love the fact that you’re feeling and you want to do something, but do something that you can actually have an impact on. Pick a charity. Thanksgiving is coming up. Pick a charity. Feed the homeless. Take your children and teach them empathy and compassion.

Donate the clothes that you don’t wear to Goodwill.

Donate your time to a foster child that needs a man or a woman in his life.

Do something amazing. Save an animal, rescue a puppy, whatever it might be. But do something that’s constructive, that you can actually control. Take that anger, take that passion that you feel for Trump being the worst president in your imagination and do something that will actually change your life for the positive.

Otherwise, all this will just pass like everything else. All the anger, all the terror that happened after 9/11 passed in a few weeks.

Every terrorist attack that brings people together passes in a few weeks. And we forget about those things because as humans we get onto the next thing that we can speculate and obsess about that’s out of our control. The only thing you have in your control is your time and how you choose your time.

So choose your time wisely and do something that will help somebody out in dire need. Foster a kitten, foster a dog, feed the homeless.

Be a big brother or a big sister. Donate clothes to charity. Donate your time to a worthwhile cause. Take that anger, take that frustration and turn it into something positive, something you can control, something that will impact people so you feel like you’re being heard because I hear you and I feel for you, but there’s nothing we can do and no good comes from consistently venting. Take that