There’s lots of things you break up with.

Your boss.

Your family, maybe.

A lover.

A husband.

A wife.

Me, right now?  I’m breaking up with a city.  I’m breaking up with Los Angeles, and I am so happy with it.  Just today, driving, makes me realize this is not worth it anymore.

I was heading onto the 405.  It was obvious the red light taking you onto the freeway was broken.  Absolutely obvious.
But yet everybody stopped there and sat and did not move.  And did not move.  The light would turn green for a split second and then turn red again.  And nobody would move.

But, yeah, people didn’t do a thing.

Finally, I sat on my horn like a crazed maniac.  Down on that horn.

Finally, people started moving.  I was about 15 cars behind, and finally, it started moving because I literally honked my horn for one minute straight.  I fltl like Michael Douglas in that movie, where he just lost it on an L.A. freeway.  L.A. will do this to you.

For those of you that are California Dreaming, dream on.  It’s overpriced and overcrowded.  It’s not worth it on a day-to-day basis to live here.

Overpriced and overcrowded makes David over-angry.

So, I’m in the process of breaking up with L.A.  Got back from Austin the other day, which will most likely be the new home, and I saw how simple and easy things were.  I wasn’t happy with the price of real estate in Austin, because I really would have loved to have had a bargain in real estate; still 1/3 of the price of Los Angeles.  So I have to think about that. I think real estate, as a whole, in most places is just so overvalued right now.

But breaking up with L.A. has been something that’s been a long, long, long time coming, and I’m enjoying it.

Ever since I got back from Austin, I feel out of sorts.  Austin’s definitely got things I don’t like it about already. I can tell you it’s fucking hot.

And I’m not a heat person at all, but there’s something called compromise, and it’s with all the parties that are involved in this move. It’s what will work for every single person in that move, which is okay.  It’s about quality of life, and that’s where I really think you need to look at your life.

There really is no quality of life left in this city called Los Angeles.  It’s just out of control how long it takes just to get nowhere.  Literally.  You can literally go nowhere, and it takes you forever.  Frustrating.  And literally, as I’m dictating this, I’m heading to go to the doc, and it’s like taking me an exponential amount of time just to get nowhere.  Just to drive a few miles.
It’s frustrating, because there’s so many cars, and they’re all here just for the nice weather.  Well, weather is overrated.  There’s something called lifestyle that, to me, is very, very, very important.  Anyway, I want you to think about that as you think about where you live, and you think about where you live may not be worth living there anymore.  You may be sick of where you live, or you may be dreaming about California.
California is not the place that you think it is.  Come and visit.  Get in the car and run an errand, and do it, and imagine living here and dealing with that every single day.