Stressed about datingI get it…

Sometimes dating can be overwhelming.

You’re online, you meet a nice guy, you spend weeks emailing each other, but you end up never meeting. You go out, you meet a guy, you give him your number, he seems interested, and then he never calls. You go on a bunch of first dates that go nowhere, and you feel so beaten up and exhausted. You feel as if you can’t carry on.

I get it.

Sometimes dating can be overwhelming. So what do you do when dating is getting you down? What’s a girl to do when you’re tired of playing all the games and going through all the hassle?

You take a break!

Take a vacation from dating. Do something that you think is fun. Maybe do a girls’ weekend somewhere, maybe go away by yourself, maybe take a vacation! Go visit family or friends for a week. Get away, do something, get as far away from dating as possible. During that time, whatever it is you’re doing, don’t check your account, even if you’re curious.

If you’re on Tinder or any of the dating apps, don’t even sign in, don’t swipe, don’t check for messages. Don’t even think about dating. Get rid of all the men that were in your phonebook. Clean house. That way you’re not tempted to text. Don’t even talk about dating at all with your friends. Take a complete break from it.


Because when you take a complete break from it, you’re going to be able to go back much stronger. Everybody needs a break from things in life. What are vacations for? Vacations are to take a break from life. So take a break from dating.

You’ll find that when you take a break, you’ll start to open up again. You’ll start to feel clear, and start to be more open as a person. You won’t be as frustrated, and you won’t really care about the dates that didn’t work out. Sometimes when you take a break from something, when you go back to it you start to get the results you really wanted in the first place.

I know whenever I took a break from dating, when I started up again, I always seemed to meet people because I wasn’t frustrated.

When you’re frustrated, you’re never going to get anything done. I know whenever I’m frustrated, there’s no way in the world my head is clear. When you’re not clear, you don’t make good decisions. That’s when you get desperate and start dating somebody that really doesn’t deserve you.

Take a vacation from dating and watch what happens.

Your life will change, things will start to become clearer and who knows? Maybe when you’re on that vacation break and you’re not even thinking about dating, you might actually run into a man who’s absolutely perfect for you. Don’t let dating get you down. Recharge your batteries, take a break, and see how much of a difference it makes to your life.