what to do when a guy's nervous around youLet’s face it, if a man is nervous around you,  it’s actually a very endearing quality. Mostly, he actually likes you, he cares about getting to know you. And most importantly, he likes the potential that he sees in you, and relationship with you. That’s why a man gets nervous. What do you do when a man’s nervous around you.

Well, you need to be kind. You don’t need to ask why he’s so nervous, you just need to make him feel more grounded and comfortable.

If a man is seeking approval, which a lot of us do when we go out on a date. If a man is nervous and he says, man I really like to travel, he wants you to join in on that, agree with him. Tell him that you’re interested in traveling more. He’s looking for common ground interests when he’s nervous, and if he gets that confirmation that your common ground interests are similar and that you like him, the nerves start to dissipate. A lot of women think that when a man is shy or quiet or nervous, it’s a bad sign. But in reality, it’s a really good sign. It means that man wants to be with you.

You need to make him feel more comfortable. Be into his ideas.

Don’t think it.

Be into what he’s doing for a living, ask him lots of questions, get him talking. The more you get him talking, the less nervous he’s going to be, the more interested he will be or feels that you will be with him.

You see, a lot of men are just so nervous because they don’t want to blow it. They have this mentality that they don’t want to blow it on a date. And that to me, is just that they don’t have enough experience, or they’re not very good at communicating. But deep down, I think you’re probably his type and he’s got some type of mental hangup about you being his girlfriend. So he’s a little nervous, because he’s starting to feel things for you.

Let’s say for instance you’re in a group.

A man walks over and tries to talk to you, but he’s having trouble spitting out his words. He’s nervous. He’s attracted to you. He doesn’t want to blow it. Once again, male terms that they use over and over again.

What do you need to do.

You need to focus your attention on him. You need to maybe take over the conversation for a little while. Maybe ask him some questions to get him talking about himself, so he’ll be able to relax.

It’s all about getting relaxed, I’ve always said, for both men and women. But women are much better communicators than men. For a man to communicate it takes a lot, because most of the time, men were taught as kids, to keep everything inside. Don’t talk about your feelings, keep it inside. It’s not masculine to cry, it’s not masculine to talk about your feelings.  When you’re feeling that from a guy, when you go out on a date or you meet in person, give him another chance. If you like him, give him a chance. If you see that he’s trying to talk to you, take initiative.

I know deep down the way you’re wired.  You’re wired to do what?  Wired to want to be led.  Wired to have that alpha guy.  Unfortunately, not many guys are alpha, most of them are beta.   The beta guys are always nervous.  So look at it for the beautiful trait that it is and take it as a beautiful thing.  The guy actually likes you and he doesn’t want to blow it.