Today I want to find out: what is the riskiest thing you’ve done this week?

Forget about it – this week is too easy. What is the riskiest thing you’ve done TODAY?

Everyday you should be taking a risk. I don’t care if it’s a risk at work or if it’s a personal risk; you’re not going to advance if you don’t take risks.

Life is about taking chances and taking risks. The most successful people in the world are risk-takers. They don’t play it safe.

So today, at work, what risk did you take to further your career? In your personal life, what risk did you take today to further your development in meeting people of the opposite sex? For those of you in a relationship, what risk did you take with your partner today to make that relationship even better?

We all dream about winning the Superbowl or climbing Mt. Everest. But in reality, you’ll only be able to achieve your dreams by taking small risks every single day.

Share with me your risks. For some of you, making a comment on this blog might be the risk you take today!