What is a man’s biggest turn-on?

What is the thing that really drives them crazy?

It’s different with every man.

Some men love when a woman dresses up in lingerie and looks all pretty when he comes to her house and she answers the door.

Some men prefer women in a pair of jeans and sneakers, and that’s a huge turn-on.

Some men think women in high heels is super sexy, while other men love a pair of cowboy boots and a pair of jeans.

Some men get really turned on when a woman is on top of them, while other men love to just be the dominant man, who’s always on top and always accommodating her sexually.

Some men think blowjobs are the greatest thing in the world, while other men would rather be the pleaser.

There are so many different turn-ons for a man. But you know what turns a man on the most?

When you ask him what turns him on—he loves that.

Whenever a woman looks at me and says what turns you on? I’ll look at her and say,”…”

Wouldn’t you love to know what David Wygant’s biggest turn-on is.

But this isn’t about me. It’s about you communicating with the men you date. So the next time you want to learn about a man, ask him what turns him on and then do the things that turn him on, and you will keep him so happy and satisfied for so long.

And if any of you dare to date me and ask me what turns me on, I dare you to send me an e-mail and ask, because you’ll be surprised to see what really turns me on.