What it Means to Be a Man By David Wygant

It’s an interesting day when you hang out with good people – friends that stimulate your mind. Think about your life, and the good friends you have – what do you talk about? Can you spend 10 hours with the same group of people and not get bored? Or do you hang out with friends that after eating dinner with them for an hour and a half, you’re pulling your teeth out? You are done with conversation.

Do you have friends that you can just sit there with? Even during the silent moments – maybe all of you are cracking out on your Blackberries and hanging out – you know that the conversation is going to get good again, it’s just a matter of time.

Do you have guys that you can just spend time with – day-in and day-out – and really learn from? You can teach each other things; you can learn together and grow as men?

That’s what being a man is all about – being a man is all about being able to express your feelings to other men. Being a man is being able to share yourself with other men. Being a man is being able to listen to other men.

Being a man is being able to spend 13 or 14 hours in the company of other men, and being able to say whatever you want –about your feelings, emotions, desires – sharing what is going on in your personal life. Being able to share what is going on in your business life – being able to share yourself!

Being a man is being open with other men. A lot of men don’t know how to be open. Many men are afraid of intimacy with other men. I’ve never been afraid of intimacy with other men. I love my friends – I’ve got great friends.

When I go back to New York, I hang out with my friend Bryan (who co-wrote my book Always Talk to Strangers) and Bryan and I are inseparable for four days straight. We spend basically 17 hours a day hanging out and talking about everything. Adrian is another guy I can spend 16 hours with just being goofy, talking and just swapping theories about life with.

Today, I think I’m on hour number 15 hanging out with Khiem and Yakub, and we’re still chilling out, hanging out, just talking. That’s what being a man really is: getting deep with your friends. Building that trust with another man, knowing that you can share yourself with them with no judgment. Knowing that they are there for you and you are there for them and you want to help each other grow and become better men.

That is what is really lacking in this world – a lot of men judge themselves on if they can pick up a woman or not. They don’t feel like they are really a man unless they can get a phone number and pick up a woman.

I think that is what is missing in the community – the dating and pickup communities. If you really want to be a man that dates amazing women, then you have to become that amazing man. You have to have amazing friendships with men. You have to have amazing friendships with women. You have to give yourself unconditionally to people all day long.

You have to listen. Being a real man is listening. Being a real man is also admitting when you are wrong. Being a real man is being able to love yourself and your friends and to love the people that come into your life.

You have to be in love with your life in order to find amazing women. If you’re not in love with your life, then you are trying to complete your life through other people, and you can’t do that. You can’t complete your life through other people. The only way you can complete your life is by completing yourself.

There’s a lot of talk right now in the world about ‘man transformations.’ There are even companies who are doing ‘man transformation’ seminars – I’m speaking at David Deangelos Double Your Dating Man Transformation seminar today .

To be a man is to really transform yourself into the man you want to be.

Who do you want to be?

Who is your role model?

What men do you respect?

What type of friends do you want in your life?

Because the friends I have in my life are friends for life. Being a man is just enjoying – enjoying being a man.