Heartbroken manDo you know what a man feels like when a woman breaks up with him or the relationship ends?

It’s like a funeral.

It’s an overwhelming feeling inside his body.

I remember the first time I got broken up with.  I was seventeen years old, her name was Kris.

She literally broke up with me on a Monday.  The day before she was telling me how much she loved me.  And then Monday at my school locker she literally broke my heart.

I couldn’t breathe, eat, or do anything for three days.  I was overwhelmed by an emotional surge of grief.  I never felt anything like that in my entire life.

Even my childhood with lots of grief: My grandfather passed away, my dog passed away in front of my eyes.  Nothing felt like it felt to be broken up with by a woman.

As I got older the break-ups aren’t the same.  They are not as full of emotion, now they are full of lessons and wanting to be alone.  As a matter of fact, when I end a relationship now, all I want to do is either A) Go back, have some fun in the process or B) Go into a cave and just be alone.

We feel so many different things during a break-up.  We have a lot more feelings and emotions than women even realize.  We’re not the cold person that a lot of women think we are.  In reality we really feel deep things.

So, today I want you to check out this video.  No more words.  No need to hear me read my words right now about how men feel during a break-up.  Why don’t you listen and watch as my two good friends and I talk all about how men feel during a break-up.