Welcome to my new Women’s Site! A couple of times a week, I’m going to post blogs that are catered specifically towards women. Now I know some of the men are probably hanging around here thinking, “Oh wow, I’m going to read this advice also!”

Now this advice is really for all you women who’ve been waiting to hear the man’s perspective, but please continue commenting on David Wygant’s Men’s Site as well, because all of your comments have been great and have added a lot to the dialogue!

And men, feel free to comment here on the Women’s Site and chime in a little bit to let women know exactly how you feel. Separating the two sites is something that’s been a work in progress for a long, long time.

Look out for great new women’s products in 2012, great new seminars for women in 2012, a member’s site for women in 2012, a whole lot of new things going on. Great blogs, new videos, everything’s coming. Ladies, you’re no longer going to be second class citizens : ) It’s equal opportunity here because it’s finally time that I exposed all of the secrets that men have been thinking.

So enjoy this blog and post away your comments and impressions. And don’t forget, feel free to write some questions and ideas that you’d like me to write about down below in the comments section. See you on the blog!