words turn men onThere are two little words, that said together, can turn a man on more than most other things you can do. These two words might surprise you. They might even shock you. I’m sure you’ll be amazed how easy it is to appeal to men. So what are these two words that turn men on?

Is your brain cranking? I can’t tell you it’s nothing like, “Let’s screw,” or “Wanna f#’k?”

OK, I’ll put you out your misery. The first word is “YES.” The word YES is so sexy. Do you want to go out tonight? Yes. Can I make love to you tonight? Yes. And it’s all in the way you say it too. It’s all in that eager tone, full of desire.

Yes, is a positive reinforcement word. Men are all about positive reinforcement. In fact, we love and almost need positive reinforcement. I’ve said it before, but we’re just like giant children running around looking for affirmation and validation. So for men, the word yes is a winner.

So what’s the second word?


When you put “Yes” and “please” together to get “yes please” you hold serious power in your hands. Something about that phrase drives me crazy. Do you want me to come over tonight? Yes please. Do you want me to make love to you? Yes please!

It’s so hot. It’s almost like I’m the king, you’re the queen, and you’re giving in to me. I’m the dominant man, and you’re the subordinate.  These words trigger something in a man’s brain. They make a man feel sexy and powerful. It’s almost as if you’re bowing down to our manhood. You’re showing us desire, allowing us to do whatever we wanted to you.

You see how sexy those two words can be?

They’re two of the sexiest words in the English language. You can drive a man wild, and full of desire, anticipation, and hunger for you. So if you want to make a man feel amazing, and if you want to trigger those primal desires that make a man feel strong, powerful, and sexy, then learn to use “yes please” whenever you can. 

In fact, the first one to send me a sexy subject line with the words “Yes please” in it will get a special gift from me. Something so special, you’ll be happy you emailed me. This is your first real-life demonstration of the power of “yes please.”

Even if you don’t win my special gift, use those two words the next time you’re with a man, and see how powerful they can really be!