Green sprouts of tulip flowers outdoors.

For every end there’s a new beginning. You’ve heard that term so many times in life.

Those are the two rules in life. Anything that is going on in your life right now will eventually come to an end.

And eventually there will be a new beginning. Think about it: the day you were born was a new beginning. The day you die is the end. In between those two life things, life really is just a series of beginnings and end.s

School, there was always a beginning and an end of the school year.

Camp, there was a beginning and an end. Fall began and fall end, it became winter. The list goes on and on. If you’ve lived a long time on this planet like I have, I’ve had lots of beginnings and ends, lots of relationships, the beginning so full of promise, oh my god, you feel like you’ve taken some kind of pill called dope.

Because you just think that it’s never going to end, and yet it does. Most relationships in life come to an end unless you’re lucky enough to have met someone who you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. You’ve met that life partner, but for the rest of us, relationships just become a series of beginnings and ends, and it’s okay. If you’ve got that attitude, you’re going to live a very happy, healthy, long life, because you’re going to realize that for every beginning there’s an end. You’re not going to fight the end, you’re going to see the end as it comes. You’re going to embrace the end, so then you can stand up for yourself and start a brand new beginning.

Even in business, there are years that I just made a killer amount of money, and then there were years that I couldn’t believe that my business changed directions, beginning and end. So for every end you always must look at the positive and look at the new beginning that’s about to transform right in front of your eyes.

That’s the most important thing. The end sucks. Let’s say, for instance, you are in this business, and you are making a killer amount of money, but then the entire industry or the economy crashed, or things change, and all of the sudden you went from making a lot of money to really struggling and just getting by. What do most people do in that situation?

They wallow, they’re upset, they miss their money, they miss their lifestyle, they miss the way it felt. But if you can look at the positive of it, if you can look at this as the start of a new beginning and actually find the beginning that’s transforming right in front of your eyes, everything is going to change.

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day. She was so upset because her boyfriend just is not right for her. She doesn’t want to think different. That’s wallowing in what is already at an end. She said look at the new beginning that’s right in front of you.

So you have to look at the new beginning that’s forming in front of you, the lessons that you learned from being with that person, the lessons you learned in your business, the things that you can do differently when the new beginning presents itself. Because, when you believe in new beginnings, you look at life differently. You don’t think about the loss that you’re feeling from the end. You think to yourself, well, thank you universe, thank you God, thank you spirit, thank you soul, thank you whomever is pointing this out to me.

Thank you so much for showing me the end, and showing me the new beginning that’s forming right in front of my eyes, right now.

That’s the beauty of it, and that’s how you have to start looking at things. Beginnings every single day, every day is going to be different because you’re not going to mourn the loss of what you once had, or the way things used to be. How many times have you heard that in relationships?

It used to be like this. Why can’t it be like this again? Because it’s not supposed to be like that again, because it turned into exactly what it was supposed to turn into, and no matter what you did, you’re at the end. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. It’s actually quite beautiful, when you change your perspective. For every new beginning, there was an end, and for every end, there’s a brand new beginning. Every day, if you think about it, as I dictate this.

Sun is down, it’s only 7:12 at night and it’s already dark. We’re in fall.

We’ve got a new beginning. It’s the start of fall, the end of summer.

The end of another day. Tomorrow, when you wake up, is a brand new day, and a brand new beginning that you can experience with your open heart, and your open soul. Allow the powers of the universe, of God and spirit, and everybody to come in, and watch what happens. Life changes in an instant, because you believe in new beginnings.