I will always believe that online dating/app dating is a great lead generation system when used properly.

But there’s a totally different way of thinking about it. Most people think about finding love. Match.com has ads that say “find love in six months guaranteed.”

Tinder, bumble, they’re all under the illusion that you’re going to find love, but in reality, you know what you’re going to find? Leads.

Qualified leads, and let me tell you this, and explain this to you.

If you look at online dating as a sales person looks at sales, you’ll realize that you are just generating a lot of leads.

It’s what you do with the leads, and how you cultivate the leads that will really help you in the long run.

Let me go deeper into this.

Let’s say, for instance, you go out with somebody.

And you don’t hit it off.

What do you normally do?

Well, you normally just blow them off, delete them. You don’t care anymore.

But in reality, it’s one of the greatest lead generation systems you can ever have. Instead of just blowing them off, you’ve now got a lead generation system.

Let me go further into that. Imagine not having to go and actually go out with these people. Imagine just inviting them to a party, a dinner party at your house or a friend’s house and telling them to bring another friend along with them. And telling them how pressure-free it is to just go and have a dinner party. You can meet in a restaurant. Everybody comes for a pot luck dinner. There are so many different ways to do it.

Why does this work better? Because most of the time when we meet somebody online, we’re not really super attracted to them.

They don’t float our boat, they don’t look like the picture. But imagine sticking all these people in one big room.

And setting up a nice little dinner party network in your town.

Where you and a friend are known as the guys that throw great dinner parties once a month. People will start wanting to get on a waiting list to be invited. People will love it because it takes the pressure off of app and online dating.

And where will you find all your leads?





I’ve done this many occasions in my life and met really amazing people. Friends met girlfriends from it, friends met boyfriends from it. Take all the pressure off, and all you need to do is show up and allow magic to happen. You may not have chemistry with the person invited you, but there’ll be 10 to 15 other people there that you’ll get to meet that you have never met before.

The one rule always is: you must bring a single friend along with you.

And the other rule is, flakers are not allowed. If you flake, you’re taken off the list permanently. You’re never allowed to go to another dinner party again. And that creates the fear of loss in people.

Because if they fear they will lose something that they basically want, they won’t ever flake on it again. Try it out. It’s a lot of fun.