Here’s a great Dear David for you today. It’s from a guy in his late 30s who’s fallen for a girl who’s just 20. Is she too young for him, and what should he do? Let’s unravel this for him shall we?

“Dear David

I’m about to hit 40 years old, and I’ve recently met this amazing girl. We get on great and there’s a definite attraction there. The problem is she’s only just 20 years old. Is she too young for me? Does age matter in a relationship?”

David says…

You’re in a common situation. You’ve met a girl that’s much younger than you are. You’re attracted to her mind, her soul, and the way she looks. Does it matter?

Do you know what’s more important to me when it comes down to attraction?

Optimism. Nothing is more attractive to me than optimism. I don’t really care how old someone is. I want to be with someone who’s optimistic. I want to be with someone who’s passionate about who they are. Someone who has the desire to inspire not only themselves, but the people around them too. 

Every day when I wake up life inspires me. I know every day I’m alive is a gift. When I wake up every morning, I unwrap the gift called life. I know there are surprises around the corner. I don’t know when they’re going to happen, but every day I know they’re going to happen.  

I go out to lunch to the same restaurant every day, and every day I seem to meet someone new. Usually I have a good conversation and leave. Do I get their phone number? No. I just realize I shared a great moment in time with a total stranger, and I got to build up my social network even more. When I go to the gym, I talk to people. When I go out, I talk to people. I do things because I look for people like me. Optimism to me is very sexy. I also know when I go out I’m eventually going to go out I’m going to meet someone I’m attracted to. When I meet that person, I’ll be ready for it.

That’s why age has no limits on attraction. It’s about meeting someone with the right attitude and the right mindset. I never tell anyone they should date people of a certain age. First, I have no right to say anything about that. Secondly, if you’re in your 40’s and you date someone who’s in their 20’s you’re soon going to learn something anyway.

Eventually the relationship will fizzle out because what happens is you finish teaching each other the lessons you were meant to teach each other. That’s when the relationship reaches its natural climax. I look at everyone as a messenger. Everyone you talk to is a messenger that has something to share with you. Embrace every interaction and attraction regardless of age. If nothing else, it moves you further along in your life. If you like this girl, give her a chance.