I love reading the comments on my blog. I have to confess yesterdays blog was one of the best in terms of conversation.

When I was at the Dentist today, and by the way nothing more fun than a deep cleaning.

Love being poked and prodded under the influence of novacaine.

So when I left the Dentist today I had this big fat lip and I kinda looked like a crazed Serial killer, not knowing that yesterdays blog was heading in that direction.

So while we are on the topic of Serial killers, I though I would share some of my favorites.

And by the way.

A Real Cereal Killer

Tom, I do not think you are a serial killer. Maybe a cereal killer and your anger really is directed at Tony The Tiger and the Froot Loops guy Toucan Sam.

Or you may have some serious anger with Capn Crunch and I know you never got past the idea of crunch berries.

See its all about humor, having fun and letting go of all anger.

Back in the 70s there was an actual Serial Killer who appeared on the dating before he got caught for his murdering ways.