Here is the definition of a Wannabe: a Wannabe usually has a job that they do not like-maybe they have two jobs that they do not like-and they “want to be” something else.

They usually do a very mediocre job at what they already are doing for work. They tend to get fired quite often, and they also tend to blame other people for their own misery. They will always tell you that they hate their current job and that it’s just temporary. Yet you have known this person for 10 years and they are constantly telling you that everything is temporary.

Deep down, they are really a Wannabe. In Los Angeles and New York City, where Shogo and I live, there are a ton of wannabe actors, wannabe producers, wannabe television artists…Hell, there are even wannabe wannabes.

Here’s how I feel about wannabes. I am really glad that you want to be something, I really am all about that and I support those who have high aspirations. But if you want to be something, you have to do the hard work. The problem is most wannabes are dreamers. They love talking about their dreams, and usually what they do is support themselves with talk from other wannabes.

Dating A Dreamer

They will sit around together on a Friday night and go, “You are the best actress in the whole wide world!” Then the other wannabe will say, “No, other wannabe friend, YOU are the best actress in the whole wide world!” They will basically mentally masturbate each other all night long making each other feel good.

Wannabes tend to get fired from jobs often because wannabes tell you that their current job is only temporary. Beware of the wannabe actress who is also the waiter. Here are some of the worst waiters you have ever encountered in your entire life.

I am all about dreaming big, I am all about creating a great life. Hell, I wanted to be a dating expert, and look what happened. But it’s because I am all about action. If you are a wannabe, you need to look and see how long you have wanted to be what you’re aspiring for, and check if you have even gotten anywhere even close.

You are only what you are right now, so put in the hard work to be the absolute best that you are.