I received about 800 emails from all of you asking for more online dating errors. This list works for both men and women.

Enjoy and thanks for the emails.

1. If you are sick, cancel and set up a new day and time. What is up with people who show up with the flu or a bad cold on a date.

2. Make sure that there is no food in your teeth when you show up on the date. Do you remember the scene from Jaws when the shark jumped out of the water when Chief Brody was chumming. Enough said about that.

3. If you are in great shape don’t hide your body. It is an asset and you need to show it off. No matter what you do in online dating you will need to weed through a ton of bad applicants. So show off what you got. I am not talking skimpy shots showing skin, but you can put up some great pictures showing people how great of shape you are in.

4. f you think someone online is married ask them. Listen to what they have to say and if they get all defensive the answer will be very obvious to you.

5. Always be prepared that someone will not be as advertised. That way you will be pleasantly surprised when they are better in person.

6. Stop putting pictures of yourself up with an ex.

7. Only one picture of you with a drink is ok. If you have more than one it makes you look like a lush.

8. Do not put a picture of your friend up instead of you.

9. Do not put up your medical history this is not a chart in the hospital. This is stuff you talk about in person.

10. Don’t ask for the phone number unless you are going to call.

11. Stop asking your married friends for advice especially if they got married when they were very young. They have no idea what it is like to date online.

12. Stop only online dating and start meeting people out and about. Life is all about balance.

13. Stop jumping from site to site. Stay on one and be patient and email people on a regular basis.

14. E Harmoney is a waste of time. How can a computer match 2 people who are not telling the truth when they write their profiles. You need to rely on your own intuition and not a computer.

15. If your not a good writer your profile will not read very well. It is all about creating an emotion in the person who reads your profile. Spend time on your profile it is your introduction to the world of online dating.

16. Get on the phone as quickly as possible. Chemistry is all about the voice and having a real conversation. A week of emails is a waste of time.

17. Why waste time emailing people who live 2000 miles away and if they do not write you back get angry at them.

18. If someone does not show interest control your anger and just move on.

19. Post a picture it will help you get more responses.

20. Stop posting pictures of you in sunglasses. Let people see your eyes.

21. Do not write in all caps. It makes you sound angry.

And now for your enjoyment.

A client of mine was on "J Date" that has an instant message system that allows people to im others when they are online.

Last night he had a woman that was not only 2500 miles away but out of his age range.
He ignored her im and this is what she wrote him.

Date: September, 23rd – 11:15 PM
Subject: IM Messages You Missed!
Message: hi I thought your profile was inspiring…. just wanted to let you know bye your impolite… and declining my compliment just confirms that your an asshole.. by the way… your no big deal to look at… just liked what you said but it was obviously bullshit…bye

Lets have fun today, do you have any angry emails that people sent you. Lets post them so people can learn how not to respond.