How was everyones Labor Day Weekend?

Mine was great. I laid low and relaxed and had my Fantasy Football draft last night. As usual it looks like I will be the best team!!!

Today I want to share with you something that I find really wrong. A mans mother sent this to a friend of mine who is dating on

She of course forwarded it to me right away!!

From: saxxbh (
To:xxxfully1111 (
Date received: August 31, 2008
Subject: its eric’s mom — your darling

You may think this is odd….but my son is reluctant to search for someone special, because he’s a bit jaded of the whole dating scene. He does really want to find that special woman.

I thought I would act as my son’s matchmaker. I think you could be a good match for him.

Let me know if you would like my son (Eric) to email you some info about him and his photo. He is not on Match. Thanks.


61-year-old woman
Beverly Hills, CA, US
Seeks men 58-68
Active within 24 hours

He is jaded by the whole dating scene.

Great so he does not have the guts to get out there and play the game like everyone else.

So his mommy is looking for dates. I can only imagine when you hang with this mommas boy and move in together.

Does mom come and move into the guest room?

Does she pick out all the furniture?

Does she tell him when and how to have sex?

In order to date you need to find your own dates and have a great attitude!!

What do you guys think of meddling mommies and jaded daters?