Why Tinder Dating SucksFirst things first, let me wish you and yours a happy and healthy Labor Day!

Now, even though it should be our day off, we’re high achievers so let’s get right to B’niss!

I wrote an article recently about dating on Tinder that got a bunch of people hot under the collar. I suggested Tinder was nothing but non-stop rejection. I was making a joke of the whole Tinder dating process really. When you think about it sensibly, you’re not actually getting rejected at all. What you’re getting really is just nothing back.

Tinder is just 1000 swipes to the left and 1000 swipes to the right. It’s like driving a car in a storm without four-wheel drive, in rear-wheel drive, and bald tires. You just spin your wheels without going anywhere. Here’s the truth about this superficial way of meeting women. All you’re doing is looking at pictures. The “women” on there barely write anything on their profile.

You don’t know who these people really are when they post. For all you know, that stunning 21 year-old blonde model could be some dude jerking off in the basement of his mother’s house. It could be some spotty teenager who gets his kicks watching frustrated guys write him stupid messages all weekend. Guys, you need to wake up and stop getting a hard-on crush for a woman you’ve never met, and know nothing about other than a picture.

Men never grow up. They’re still the same boys who masturbate over the Victoria’s Secret catalogue they steal from their Mom. Or who have piles of Maxim or Playboy magazines under their bed they hide from their folks. Then there are the more advanced guys who get into full-blown porn. Now all you do is get on the Internet and jerk all over the keyboard. By the way, there is nothing more disgusting jerking over your keyboard, cleaning it and then typing away on your keyboard like nothing happened!

How Do You Deal With Online Dating Frustration?


Tinder dating isn’t about rejection. If a woman doesn’t find you attractive, she’s not rejecting you. You’re still a great looking, strong, amazing guy. How many times do I need to write this?

How many times have I said that in my programs? Yet, every single day you throw a fit about a woman you barely know, rejecting you. If you haven’t even met this woman, or haven’t been over to approach her, how has she rejected you?

What’s it going to take you all to listen to this stuff?

You need to learn one thing, and that’s how to love yourself!

How hard is it to love yourself?

If you don’t love yourself, nobody else is going to love you, and nobody is going to make your life happy. In fact, women aren’t the prize… YOU’RE the prize. Stop giving your power away constantly to women. Next time you post your picture on Tinder and don’t get a response, just laugh and think, “Their loss!”

They don’t even know who you are. Even if they had swiped the right way on you, most the time it never goes anywhere because nobody is willing to commit to a plan on these apps. To me, Tinder is a big waste of time. Go out there and work on yourself. Go and gain those valuable social skills I talk about every single day, and watch how quickly your world changes. Work on yourself, and watch how quickly women start paying attention to you instead of you praying that one day a woman will find you!