Online-Dating-david-wygantGot a question the other day from one of you guys, and I found it to be a question that I get on a regular basis.

Let me share it with you:

David, I went out with this woman tonight and had a blast. I met her on Plenty of Fish. When I was driving home, I checked my phone, and there were two new e-mails from two different women from the website. I was wondering, should I log on and read the e-mails or should I just wait and get back in touch with this other girl again? 

— Mike

Here’s the deal: I know you’re dying to check your e-mails. Of course you’re curious. What did those other women say to you? Who were those other women? Were they women you contacted? Did they contact you?


You just went out on this date with this girl. You like her. She likes you. You don’t want to log on.

Because the way a woman’s mind works is this way: she might go home and log on, just to see if you logged on, just to check your profile, just to check your picture again because she wants another glimpse of you.

So many women I know will go online right after a date just to look at you again, just to read your profile, just to compare what you wrote in your profile to how you behaved on the date. (It’s the investigator in them—they need to do that.)

Plus, they want to check to see whether or not you’re online. Now, you can confront them and ask them why they’re online, and they’ll tell you that they went online to just check out your profile again. But in reality, they want to see if you’re online.

So, I’d just avoid the whole thing.

Don’t do it. Let them sit. Check your e-mails, the next day, but never the night you come home from a date. Let that good feeling last. It’s nice to have that good feeling last, it’s fun. A good date is a high, and you don’t want to come down from it right away.

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