Women's instinctI’m about to reveal to you one of the biggest mistakes women make when dealing with a man. It’s your women’s intuition. I love women’s intuition. It’s a beautiful thing, but it’s not always right. And sometimes it can be so wrong, it ruins your chances of a great relationship.

Women are extremely intuitive creatures, and they often feel things before men. You have to realize that sometimes when it comes to evaluating men you’ve just met, you can get things wrong. I want to share an email I received recently, and I’m going to tell you how to avoid making the mistakes the sender made, and why if you don’t you’ll push men away.

So a lady subscriber wrote to me the other day, and in the email she talked about being wounded and traumatized as a child. Because of this she felt she was unable to love as an adult. The email went on to talk about my relationships, and a couple of other things she’d heard me say in one of my email newsletters.

She made an assumption about me that was wrong. She said I was wounded and that I must have relationship problems myself. Well, I’m not wounded, I have great relationships, and as wacky as my childhood was sometimes, I most certainly wasn’t traumatized. So I emailed her back and told her she had me 100% wrong. I also told her not to make assumptions about other people.

I said, “I appreciate your email and everything, but you don’t know me as a person. You’ve taken a couple of sentences out of context, and you’ve made an assumption based on nothing but “women’s intuition.”

Within a couple of hours she wrote back telling me I was going into defense mode. God, I hear women saying that all the time. Some women hate it so much when their intuition is wrong, they try to twist it by saying the man is getting defensive because she’s right.

In reality, all I was trying to do was clarify she’d got it wrong. It’s OK if your intuition is wrong now and then. It happens to everyone. I’ve misjudged people. We’re not right all the time.

But it’s amazing, and I’ve dealt with women like this in so many of my relationships. I started thinking, “This feels just like a relationship I was in back in my 30’s. I’ve tried to explain to a woman why she was wrong about something, and got accused of being defensive.”

If a man tries to tell you you’ve misjudged him about something, don’t shut him off. Be open to the fact your intuition may not be right this time around. And never tell a man he’s going into defense mode because it’s the quickest way to get him heading back to his man cave.

Once he’s in man cave mode you’re in trouble. Women’s intuition is a beautiful thing, and I admire it greatly, but when it’s wrong, it’s wrong. You’re not always right. You can’t always be right. And what about the woman who emailed me?

She apologized and we had a nice email exchange. In fact, she admitted herself that this time her intuition was off, and that’s what you need to do. That’s how you stop making this horrible relationship mistake that makes men go cold on you.