You want to know the worst advice a mother can give her daughter?

You don’t need a man, you can do it all yourself.

I can’t begin to tell you the amount of women I have met in my life who have gotten that advice from their mother.

Usually the mother is the one who has picked the wrong men in her life. So she tells her daughter, that innocent beautiful little girl, that she doesn’t need a man.

She is taking her poor choice in men and conveying to her daughter, you don’t need a man. You can do it yourself. You’re a woman. You’re strong.

That advice sucks.

Whenever I meet a woman who’s mother gave her that advice, gave her that subconscious programming, I know what’s going to happen. I hate to use this term, but I know that I’m usually meeting a bitch.

She doesn’t need a man. She can do it all herself.bad-advice

Thank you mom, for taking out all of the vulnerability in this beautiful little girl that you have raised.

You’ve told her that she doesn’t need a man. She doesn’t need to be reliant upon a man. She can do it all herself.

Usually women like this end up alone.

They end up in relationships and when they finally find a great man, the great man doesn’t stick around. The only ones that stick around are the ones who are softer. The guys who are more wimpy, because this type of woman doesn’t need a man.

Here’s the thing, we need each other. Think about it. There is nothing wrong with that.

We need each other. A woman needs a man to blossom. A woman needs a man for protection. A woman needs a man to make her feel feminine. A woman needs a man for many things, just like a man needs a woman.

There is nothing wrong with it. The word “need” has become taboo in dating.

You’re so needy. It’s not needy, it’s the truth. A great man needs a great woman by his side and a woman needs a great man by her side.

Love is the greatest gift we can give.

We need to stop walking around saying we don’t need each other.

When women are programmed to think they don’t need a man, their wonderful mother did them no justice at all.



We need each other. So, if you’re the type of woman who walks around saying you don’t need a man, I strongly suggest you have a conversation with dear old mom, if she is still around.

Thank her for all the bad programming she gave you from the experiences in her life.

Be careful what you tell your daughter. Be careful if you have a daughter not to tell her things that will change the course of her life in a bad way.

Little girls watch Disney movies, and they see how beautiful it is when a man falls in love with a woman. A man loves a woman and a woman loves a man. They’re getting the right programming, thank you Walt Disney.

But they’re getting the wrong programming from a lot of single moms out there who have been burned by a man. You’re teaching your daughters all the wrong things because of your choice in men.

It’s not only your choice in men, it’s the way you’ve handled your relationships. It’s not the man’s fault that you’re not with somebody, it’s your fault too. It’s the way you’ve handled your relationships.

There are too many of us who stayed in bad marriages. Marriages with men and women who weren’t good for them. Then they sit there and ridicule their partner, and tell their lovely daughters that they don’t need a man.

You’re giving her the incorrect programming. You’re not giving her a chance at love in the future.

We need one another. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a beautiful thing. To need, to want, and to desire the opposite sex. A companion.

Men and women need each other to procreate. Men and women need each other for love – for a lot of beautiful things.

So if you have a daughter, please let her believe in the magic of love with a man. Allowing her to grow up with that belief, is the only way she can manifest it in her own life.