Understanding men and their feelings. It’s a mystery women have been trying to solve for millions of years. What makes a man open up and let you in emotionally? How do you keep him open once he’s let down his guard? Why do some guys go running off back to their man cave never to be seen again?

Don’t men drive you crazy? Doesn’t it drive you nuts trying to figure us out? One minute we love you, then we’re not talking to you. One second we’re texting you every day of the week, and then you don’t hear from us for days on end. What goes on through our minds? What are we thinking? What makes us tick? Why won’t we open up to you?

Well ladies…

If you actually stop asking yourself questions and trying to second guess us all the time, now and then you’ll find a man decides to open up naturally to you. Sometimes when you least expect it, a man will come out of that man cave without any coaxing and will start to let you in. How you react determines whether you truly connect with him, or whether you send him running back to safety.

So What Do You Do When a Man Starts To Talk About His Feelings?

Very simply, you listen to him. You listen to every single word he has to say. You hang on every word like it’s the most important thing you’ve ever heard in your life. Because what most women do is talk instead of listening. They ask questions, they thrown in comments, they start to judge in some way, and it’s the quickest way to push him away and make him go cold on you. Do not under any circumstances stop a man when he’s opening up. It takes a lot for most men to let you in, and it’s a sign he’s comfortable with you. It’s a sign he wants to connect with you. Show him you’re there for him and you’re ready to embrace whatever he has to say.

And don’t try to push him. Don’t try digging for more out of him. When he’s had enough or said what he wants to say, let him be. Don’t try to force him to go any deeper, or to coax more from him. It has to come in it’s own time. Think  of us like cats. If you go chasing a cat it’ll run away and go into hiding. If you just relax and leave it to it’s own devices it’ll come and rub up against you when it’s ready.

You can’t force men to open up, and when we do, you can’t push us further than we want to go in that moment. In the video below, I talk about this in more detail, and explain why your ears are the key to keeping a man connected and open. Take notes on this one, because it’s an area you can seriously screw up if you don’t do things right.