I’m going to tell you the truth about sex.

Sex, when you meet a highly evolved man. A man who looks you in the eyes and isn’t afraid to tell you, I like you.

A man who walks the walk and talks the talk.

A man whose words and actions line up.

Women have been playing games with men for years.

Women give out to the wrong type of guy. And when they’re presented with a man who is self aware and self confident, they almost always screw it up.

Men and women think that if they put out too quickly, the person isn’t going to respect them, and want them for the long term.

It’s not the case, and it’s never been the case with me.

I’ve never waited a specific time to have sex with someone. I never thought to myself — I need to wait two weeks to have sex with this person, or we need to wait a month to have real sex.

You see, it’s not about waiting an amount of time. It’s about waiting for that right connection. Those connections, when they do come, have always come naturally in my life.dating

I remember I met a woman when I was 23 years old and literally two hours later we were back at my apartment, in bed together. On the first date. Well, you couldn’t call it a date. I met her in Bloomingdales. We went for coffee. And two hours later we were in my apartment.

We were inseparable after that. It was a beautiful, loving relationship, and I slept with her right away.

As a matter of fact, the majority of women who I’ve had long term relationships with I have slept with very quickly. When it felt natural. Sometimes after two hours, sometimes after a week. But if the connection was there, and being adults, being high vibrational adults, we both understood that the connection was there.

We weren’t thinking about rules or playing games. Avoiding each other’s calls or texts. We were going after each other because we both knew that we found somebody different, somebody we wanted to connect with.

After a date, I know if I want to kiss a woman. If I don’t want to kiss her, I don’t want to be with her.

Sometimes after a first date, I’ll just give a hug, but I know I want a second date. But by the end of the second date if we kiss, and that magical feeling, that tingling that I want to feel is not there, then it never will be.

I remember there was one night I met somebody. I was out with a friend. Her friend shows up. The minute I saw her, all I wanted to do was literally bend her over the bar and spank her ass.

I felt an instant, primal urge to be with her.

If I am with her, and feel connected to her, why do I need to play the game of waiting when I’m feeling something energetically for her?

It’s not about how long you wait, it’s about the connection. That’s when you have to trust your gut, trust who you are and trust your feelings.