Online dating picturesToday I want to offer a warning to all you women out there who go out and get a professional photo shoot done for your online dating profile pictures. You spend hundreds of dollars, and you look amazing. It’s the perfect photo shoot. You wear hot clothes, your hair and makeup is perfect, all in all you look super-hot!

Even with this professional make over, the photographer will probably still touch up the pictures just a bit more to make you, oh so Hollywood perfect.

The men looking at your online dating profile will look at your pictures and say, “Wow, I have to meet this girl.”

The problem is, the photo shop perfect picture photo shoot girl doesn’t show up to the date. The guy wonders what happened to the incredibly gorgeous girl he’s been fantasizing about. The girl who showed up to the date doesn’t look the same because she’s not as perfect as she looks in her profile pictures.

That’s the problem when women do this. You’ll go out and take really amazing pictures to put on an online dating site. You’ll get tons of men interested and then wonder why you don’t get many second dates. Nothing disappoints a man more than the woman in the picture not showing up as pretty as she looked online.

The woman who has REAL pictures, and shows up looking hotter than she is in them, is the woman who has men doing backflips for her. You see, so many men have been disappointed by the photo shoot fake outs that they don’t trust them anymore.

So if you’re putting up pictures on your online dating profile that you got from a professional photographer, just beware. It’s all well and good doing a fun photo shoot where you look like a celebrity, every angle is perfect, and you look like you’ve shed dozens of pounds in weight. But if that’s what you show a man online, you’re setting his expectations too high.

I’ve said it before, but men are visual creatures. Men love to look at pictures of women. That’s why Tinder is such a huge success. Now men can sit on the toilet in the morning, and instead of reading the newspaper, he can look through pictures of women on Tinder. And don’t kid yourself, because that’s exactly what he’s doing.

So, if you put that beautiful picture from your photo shoot up on your online dating profile, you better show up to your date looking exactly like that. The guy’s expectations are high, and they’ll be disappointed if you don’t look like your pictures. In fact, it could kill off any potential attraction they had, because they’ll feel mislead. Think about it. It’s not the greatest way to start a relationship is it?

Get some good REAL pictures of you looking as natural as possible. That way, when the real you shows up looking even prettier in person, your date is going to feel like he just won the lottery. Don’t try to enhance what you have. You want the man who loves you as you are, not for the way you look in a professional photograph.

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