relationship talk david wygantHey David, thank you very much for your tips.

Question is: when is the right time to ask the guy about what he wants from the relationship?

Love, Lisa

. . .

Lisa, you know when the best time to ask if someone wants a relationship?

Right away.

The biggest mistake most women make is that they talk too much on a date.

They tend to say what they’re looking for in a relationship.

They’ll tell a man that they want marriage and that they want kids, they want a family, or they’re just looking to have fun—whatever it might be.

And a lot of men are just agreeable salespeople.

Now there’s the player, who just wants to get in your pants. The player who wants to get into your pants will tell you exactly what you need to hear based on the information that you’re giving him. He’s wonderful at doing this and he’s been doing this his entire life.

The man who never, ever gets laid and desperately wants to have sex will say anything to agree with you. He just doesn’t believe there’s another woman out there, so he will say that everything you want, is everything that he wants too.

So, how do you change the way things are going? How do you figure out what a man really wants?

It’s simple.

The next time you feel like blurting out what you want in a relationship, pause, look at the man and say this:

Let me ask you a question, what are you looking for right now?

And wait. Allow him to tell you—first.

An authentic male will look you right in the eyes and tell you exactly what he wants, whether it’s a relationship, sex, just fooling around, friendship, whatever it might be. An authentic man will do that.

A salesman, or a guy that just wants to get into your pants will look above you, he’ll look to the side, he’ll get nervous—he’s basically searching for an answer because he doesn’t know what you want so he’s not able to tell you what you want to hear.

This is a man that you never need to go out with again, because he is not authentic or real, and probably just wants to get laid.

The man you go out with again is the man that tells you bluntly what he wants. If it matches what you want, then you can move forward and you know that you’re with a guy that is searching for the same thing.

It really is that simple.