Men are frustrated.  Alright, I’m telling you something that you already know, but then again, you’re equally frustrated. Sometimes I think we’re from totally different planets. Oops. John Gray already wrote that book. Men are from Mars, Women Love My Penis.

That would have been my version because that’s the way I look at it, as an egotistical man that enjoys having sex with women. I think they all want my penis. Let’s talk a little bit about the psychology of men in modern relationships. It feels like men are, what let’s just say, a little more womanized lately. All of you are waiting for men to come over, chat you up, approach.

You want to understand why men just don’t commit, why they’re not committing the way you’d like them to. You feel like you’re speaking a different language. Well today I’ve put out a video describing the psychology of men in modern relationships. You’re going to be shocked at what you see. As a matter of fact, this video is going be one of the most surprising things you’ve ever seen when it comes to the psychology of men.

I’m going to give you one instance before you watch today’s video. You see, we’re so different. I’m sitting here with a friend right now and we’re talking. We’re enjoying each other’s company. We’re not trying to overanalyze each other. We’re not trying to get to the root of what’s wrong. We’re not looking for just causes.

Men are very different. You need to understand that men are wired 100% different than all of you. I think you know that, but today’s video is going to give you a deeper inclination to why men are so different than you are. I’d like for you to make a list of all the things that are frustrating with you with men because I think this video will give you many of your answers.

Go ahead and get super creative. What frustrates you the most about men?

Then I want you to make a list of all the things you’re looking for in a man.

Once you have these two lists, I want you to watch this video. You’ll realize that some of the things that you’re writing down are absolutely impossible for a man to even understand. We have limited thinking process, and limited emotional process. I want you to check out the Psychology of Men in Modern Relationships.

I’d like you to send this video to all your friends because instead of sitting around trying to analyze us, you should sit around and accept us.  Today’s video will give you full acceptance of what men are in modern relationships. Pass it along, watch it, and see how your life changes.