the power of manifestationI’ve been able to manifest things my entire life in ways that sometimes even freak me out.

If you know the human design chart, I am a manifester. It’s a cool thing, check it out online: human design chart.

Anyway, how do you manifest, how do you literally make things happen?

Well, not to sound too woo-woo, but there’s an energetic flow in the universe. Whether you believe in God, universe, spirit, whatever it might be. And manifestation is about tapping into a higher power source. It’s about making a request.

And I literally mean making a request, literally talking to the higher power, whatever you believe in, and asking for exactly what you want.
You have to be clear, concise, and ask for exactly what you want because the universe only hears exactly what you’re saying.

For instance, this morning, when I woke up. I asked the universe for a sign. I want to expand my business horizons, I want to do some new things.

And I was looking for validation and confirmation that I was on the right draw. I ran into somebody, we talked about corporate speaking, something I’ve always wanted to do. We talked about an angle that would be great for a couple different directions. This happened literally 12 hours after I made the request.

This week I decided I really want to start dating again. I’m in the mood to date, enjoy women, and bring that energy in and be open to a relationship. I know what type of woman that I’m looking for, so I made the request. And all of a sudden, the dating apps started bringing me women again.

I mean, there were weeks that nothing on Bumble or Tender was even lighting my fancy, but yet all of a sudden all of the women that were saying yes to me and wanting to get together with me were all attractive and petite, and all wrote profiles that were a little deep. All the things that I really like, all the things that I’m craving.

I also decided that, since I’m going to be dating again, I might as well go and manifest the girls to show up in person. So I made some requests, started going to the grocery store, and started meeting women every time I went there. As a matter of fact, I met three women in the span of two trips there on one Saturday afternoon.

So how do you manifest? You create whatever you want, and you’ve got to believe it first. You see, in order to manifest, you have to believe that this shit works and exists, because if you don’t believe it then it won’t happen.

You’ve got to believe in something, a spirit source, God, whatever it might be. You have to be really precise in what you’re asking for and what you’re looking for.

Why? Why? Well, there are a couple of reasons why.

The universe hears exactly what you say. So if you say you want a new job, it’s going to give you a new job. It might give you a job at McDonald’s.

If you say you want a job in a high tech firm, and you want to be paid $375,000 a year, and you want to meet people that will connect and network you so you can meet the right person to showcase your tech talents, then you’re getting more precise.

You can’t manifest and make a request unless it’s precise. Think of the universe as ordering a meal. Whatever you want, it’s willing to give you.
So you’re not going to go and order just any sandwich, because that sandwich can be just cheese and bread, and the bread can be stale. You want to order the most succulent, grass-fed roast beef with avocado mayo. You get the point. You need to be very precise in what you do, because if you’re not precise, what’s going to happen is the universe isn’t going to give you precise things.

You have to believe it and you have to ask for it every single day. You have to be persistent. You can’t be upset if it doesn’t show up right away. And it might show up as just a little bit of a taste first.

You might say you want your business to make more money, but all of a sudden the universe will give you an opportunity that you’re going to need to go in order to make the money happen. See, that’s a big step for all of you, because when you do that, you’re acknowledging the fact that each thing is just a stepping stone.

So, the best way to manifest and the only way to manifest is to be 100% precise in what you’re asking for.

Make a list of all the things you want, all the things you want to experience, and they will show up, precisely as you asked for. They may not show up in 24 hours, but it’s all going to show up. And every day, ask, demand, ask again, and keep asking, and keep believing. Because what happens is this energy will manifest exactly what you’re looking for.