repetitive-cycleTake a look at your calendar on your phone right now. Pull up the year 2016, and what do you see?

Repetition. January always comes first. February always follows. The ides of March comes next. April showers with always bring May flowers. June in southern California will bring gloom. July and August are always guaranteed to bring the heat of the summer no matter where you are. September will always be the start of school. October, football season will start heating up. November, every single year, Thanksgiving seems to appear, and December the jolly fat man in a red suit and beard always seems to show up. And then, before you know it, you’re drunk, chanting “5-4-3-2-1” again, saying happy new year, and having New Year’s Resolutions that seem to never come to fruition.

Life is repetitive. Winter’s always followed by spring. Spring is always followed by summer, and fall is always followed by winter. Nothing ever changes, ever.

In the morning, you wake up, and you go to the bathroom. You ever wake up in the morning and you don’t have to pee?

Things always seem to be based on patterns. You lease a car for three years. It’s over, you go back to the car dealership.

Relationships also seem to find a cycle.

Life is all about repetition. So, if life is about repetition, why does life still surprise you?

Life is not surprising at all anymore. If everything keeps repeating itself, the same opportunities keep showing up if you keep believing in the opportunities. If you believe in the opportunities of life, then they will keep showing up for you. If you realize that what you do in January will manifest and show back up again in February, then your life is going to be far more easy and simple.

If you truly believe that blown opportunity in March will manifest again in April, then you know that life is repetitive.

Every day has 24 hours in it. You can’t change it at all. Every minute has 60 seconds. Life is exactly what it is, so stop fighting the cycle of life. Everything is repetitive. If you’re out and about, you see a charming and attractive man, and you don’t talk to him, I guarantee another one’s going to show up. He’s not the last one.

If you go for a job interview — and you will — you don’t ace it. There’s going to be another one.

If you got a client that fails, if you hold on to that energy of the client failing, then guess what, the universe is not going to give you more money. The universe is going to hold back the monitory flow that you have. Because another client just wants to come in. The right one’s going to come in. It always does.

Life is very repetitive. Once you get old enough, you realize, okay… there are no wrong answers at all, there’s just decisions that are made, and decisions are made on a daily basis. The repetition of life occurs every single day.

That’s what’s so beautiful in life. Life is constantly giving you second and third chances every single day. So, why get hung up? Why get hung up on something that doesn’t work when you know it’s just another opportunity coming down the road?

Football seasons are 16 games. If you don’t win the first one, you can win the second one. It doesn’t get ugly until you’ve lost the first 10. But, everything is repetitive in life. Eight falls, 162 gains. If you lose a few of them — if you lose 10 in a row — there’s a good chance you can win 10 in a row if you learn your lesson.

Repetition. Opportunity will always present itself every single day, so be more self-aware and realize that life is a cycle you can’t cheat the cycle. Just trust God, the universe and everything else in that cycle.