I’m going to ask you a direct question right now.

I want you to think about the answer before you read on.

How many times have you met somebody on a date, who you’ve either been set up with, or you met online, or on one of those silly dating apps like Tinder or Bumble…

How many times have you met a person, and when you met them, there was zero chemistry?

You didn’t feel it at all.

They didn’t look how you thought they would look. The tone of their voice was not exactly what you wanted.

It doesn’t matter what the it factor that was missing from them was. It’s all about the amount of time you spent building up to this.

Think about this.

Think about the amount of time you spend going back and forth with somebody via text. The amount of time you go back and forth scheduling the first date. The amount of time you spend on phone calls because, well, it’s easy to hide behind a phone call.

Only to get your hopes up. Only to hope that with this next guy you meet, you are going to have that serendipitous moment you are dreaming of. This is going to be the guy you fall in love with. Because let’s be 100% honest with ourselves right now, you only take a date in order to hope that it’s your last first date.

You hope that this date is going to be the guy you fall in love with.

That’s why we’re all here. When we decide we want a relationship, we’re going on a date hoping that we don’t have to go out on dates with the seven other guys who are swiping, trying to meet us.

So all this builds up. We show up at the restaurant, the bar, the coffee shop, whatever it might be.

He walks in. Immediately you know whether or not you feel a zing for him.

For those of you who have not been reading my blogs, zing is the thing you feel when you first meet somebody. It’s that sensation we feel throughout our entire bodies.facetime

They’re different than anybody you’ve ever met before. You feel their energy, because basically we are primal beings, and that’s all we are.

And we are all craving the power of zing.

Zing is an amazing moment. You know when he walks over and sits down. Think about it, most of time you know right off the bat the way you feel. Yes, chemistry and attraction can build. Most of the time it doesn’t. Most of the time, it’s all about the zing we feel.

So I’m about to give you some zing insurance.

You see, if we just took time to get on a FaceTime call, and got to see somebody for five or six minutes, you get a feel for them, you get to know them. You can create the five or six minutes on a date on your phone.

It’s something I think most people are afraid to do. Deep down, we are always hoping that this person is going to be the right person that we feel zing with, that we fall in love with.

So we date based on hope, and we continue to get disappointed over and over again.

Think about if you just said to the person, “Hey, I know we’ve both been on dates that didn’t work out and we didn’t feel it, and chemistry is face-to-face, we all know that.”

That’s the one universal thing that both men and women agree on, and there are not many points that both men and women agree on.

So get on a face time call. See each other. Get dolled up if you want. Look good, pretend it’s a date, but it’s only going to be a five-minute thing. The minute you see that person, you’re going to be able to picture being with him or not.

You’ll be able to picture kissing him.

Holding his hand.

You’re going to picture what it feels like to be with him, because you’re going to read and feel his energy.

We are just intuitive beings, as humans. We’re primal beings. So being able to see that person, being able to unveil that person will allow you to find out whether or not you’re connecting.

Imagine you get five or six leads per week and if you did five or six FaceTime calls, you’re spending maybe an hour on the phone. Out of those five or six FaceTime calls, maybe you end up meeting one person or maybe not meeting anybody.

But you’re going to be exposed to more people, and the more people you are exposed to, the greater chance of you have of finding the love that you deserve.