In today’s modern world, we can, and we do, hide behind something that’s literally six inches by three inches. It’s amazing how connected people want to be but how disconnected they really are.

I’m going to share a story about a friend of mine who recently tried reaching out to a woman.

This is a woman who painted herself as being very spiritually evolved.

She’s into yoga.

They talked about the power of the universe.

She believes in serendipity.

But every time he reached out to call her on the phone, she chose to stay disconnected.

She would send him a text saying to call her at 5:00.

So, he’d call her around 5:00.

power of disconnectionShe wouldn’t answer. She would text him back literally five minutes later and say, “Hey, call me around 8:00. It’s a better time.”

So, he’d call at 8:00, and the game went on and on.

Missing the Days of the Actual Phone Call

We all talk about how we want to connect, yet we hide behind our phones. If you look around, people are constantly talking on their phone, looking at it, but when you go to call them to connect on a more intimate level, it seems like the phone has been misplaced at that moment.

It’s interesting because I know when I look around most women are constantly holding their phone and looking at it. But it seems like when a man calls to really connect, the phone seems to mysteriously disappear into some type of vortex.

Every day, Women complain that men don’t call. They miss the days of men calling.

They wish that men would stop texting and call, but every day, I get stories from friends and people who say they called a woman up and she never called back.

She would text back, but never actually call back.

So, ladies, what’s up? Why do you remain so disconnected instead of connecting? I live by one rule: If you feel any type of connection to somebody, any type of curiosity, you need to play it out.

Stop the Disconnection and Talk

In a 10 minute phone call, you’ll just know by hearing somebody’s voice whether or not you’re connected to them. There’s that attraction that you feel. It’s really hard to build attraction via text messaging. Sure, it’s easy to keep the attraction going when you’re texting, but to really build attraction, you need several elements. You need to stop texting and actually speak to one another on the phone, see whether or not you feel something.

If you feel anything at all, you need to meet one another in person. That way you can find out whether or not this connection might turn into anything. And then, you can text and talk again.

But I really think people are so afraid just to play anything out.

It’s time we all took a chance.

Because you never know. That man that called at 5:00 and 8:00, he could have been your next boyfriend.

He could have been the man you fall in love with, but you just couldn’t stay out of that disconnected world now, could you?

You’re playing it safe. Or, some might say you’re living in fear.

I’ve learned that whenever I feel anything for anybody, I’ll play it out because you never know when your next relationship is going to come. Stay open. Take a chance. Answer the phone and call somebody back.