wishinggirlMarie was 5 years old…

No matter how hard her Mom had tried to keep the dream alive, Marie was starting to question Santa.

“If Santa is real Mommy, why won’t he bring me my Daddy home?” She asked. Her Mom did her best to wipe the tears from her cheek before the little girl saw.
Through a broken voice, she did her best to explain. “There are some things that not even Santa can make happen darling.”

Not happy with the explanation, the little girl pushed further for the truth. “But I thought Santa was magic Mommy? I don’t want any toys this year. I don’t even want any chocolate. I just want to see my Daddy”

It was all getting too much for the girls Mom, but showing all the inner strength only a woman can muster, she tried one more time to reason with her daughter…

“Even if Santa can’t bring Daddy home for Christmas, you’re still a very lucky girl. Out there under the same moon and stars you’re sleeping beneath tonight, is a big, strong man, who loves you with all his heart. He loves you more than words could ever say, and I know he would do anything in the world to hold you in his arms and tell you how special you are to him.

That’s real magic you see darling. And you don’t need Santa to bring you that.”

The little girl looked back at her Mother through glassy eyes, but before she could ask anything else, the doorbell rang…

It was 7pm…

Who would be at the door at this time of the evening?

The little girl followed her Mom out to the front door. Carefully they opened it. There, stood a man in military uniform, wearing a Santa hat and beard, and holding a Christmas card. “I didn’t think the card would get here in time for Christmas if I sent it in the mail.” He said with a smile.

And as the little girl collapsed into her Daddy’s arms, the Mom gave him a look which expressed more love than any kiss ever could, and said, “Thank you.”

While the little girl may lose her belief in Santa over the years, I hope none of us ever stops believing in magic, because every day can be magical if you believe it’s possible. And I truly believe, that somewhere under that same moon and stars that you’ll sleep beneath tonight is a big, strong, man who will love and adore you like no other. You might not have found him yet, but if you believe, it won’t be long before you do!

Merry Christmas!