woman using a dating appLike it or not, dating apps are here to stay. People are going to do it and they are going to do it more and more. Remember when we first started texting? How annoying it was and nobody wanted to talk anymore. Now, people don’t want to yet they just accept it, anyway.

So, it’s something you can embrace and accept it the ins and outs of apps to text that go nowhere.

Updating gives you an opportunity to go and consistently flirt with the opposite sex, whether you meet a lot of people or not. It at least keeps your mind in the game, and that’s extremely important. So start embracing it a different way. Realize that it’s here to stay. Realize that it gives you the opportunity to to get to know people.

Eventually, some of the people will not be afraid to meet.

But — and this is a BIG but — you’ve got to learn how to engage. Women are nightmares at this, and so are men. I was in New York City recently conducting an experiment. And here is a conversation I was having with a woman online. I wanted to see the big difference between men and women when it came down to dating apps. So I met a woman online. One of many, the conversation was this:

She said, “How are you doing, David?”

I said, “I’m doing great this morning. I see that you are friends with a friend of mine. How do you know her? She’s awesome.”

She said, “Yoga Wall.”

Then she said, “We are not close friends, just went the same venues.”

“The Yoga Wall. I know it well. What do you do there that connects you to the Yoga Wall?”

She said, “I’m a Yoga teacher.”

I said, “Career change? What were you before?”

She said, “Bank advertisements.”

What is wrong with this conversation? It’s a typical conversation that online people tend to have. I’m trying to find out about it here. Trying to get some information. Trying to connect. She in turn has asked me nothing about myself.

She could have asked me how I knew my friend, Fern.

She could have asked me how I am connected to the Yoga Wall.

She could have asked so many different things. But, like so many people online, just average questions. And it didn’t matter because she kept going.

I’ve had these conversations before with these people. I asked questions and they’ve answered them. I tried to find out and I changed the subject. I had a conversation and they give me one-line answers and it’s nothing back. She got back to me five times. She’s obviously interested but doesn’t know how to communicate. And doesn’t really know how to flirt.

This is a major issue with people when it comes down to dating on apps, conversations that are so boring you don’t know what to do except pull your eyeballs off the screen and delete the other person.

Conversations like this are so boring, it’s ridiculous. But then again there are people out there that are boring or people out there that don’t know how to flirt.

I don’t think this woman is boring at all. I think she just doesn’t know how to flirt.

So the next time a man comes and is intrigued by you, asks you questions and is looking to start conversation, ask him things back. Ask him what inspires him, ask him how he’s connected to you, ask him how he knows a friend of yours. Have a conversation instead of just answering questions and wondering why you don’t seem to meet anybody.