I’m going to say it and I’m going to say it as blunt as I can: pictures of others, not of yourself. We live in an ADD-obsessed dating world where people are making fast judgments immediately about people.

When you are posting a picture of yourself on a dating app or online thing, you have pictures others with yourself.

Immediately, if that person that you are with in that picture is more attractive than you, in better shape than you…

The person will then look and then all of a sudden look at the next picture and think nope, I liked the person who was in the other picture.

It’s all about you. It’s making you look good. You should not have pictures of you and an ex-boyfriend or and ex-girlfriend.

You shouldn’t have pictures of you and the dog and you and the cat.

You shouldn’t have pictures of you running a marathon with other people.

You shouldn’t have pictures of you paddle boarding on the ocean with other people.

It should just be pictures of you because you don’t want to give somebody a reason not to want to connect with you. Because that’s all people are looking for. They’re looking for a reason not to connect. You want to make them connect. So show them the best of you and that’s it. Quick, simple, painless tips.