What is the definition of true love?

From a recent movie I saw which I’ve mentioned a few times, Passengers, there was a scene when he, the actor, Chris Pratt, was about to die.

Jennifer Lawrence literally just says, wait a second. You’re not going to die.

We’ve seen this play out thousands of times in movies:

Where the woman or the man is not going to allow their lover, their partner, to die before them. They’re going to do anything they possibly can. We’ve seen it in so many movies.

There was a terrible movie about an earthquake.

With the Rock, who literally went down under the city, in the water, to make sure that his daughter did not die.

We’ve seen this played out in Hollywood movies over and over and over again. There’s always a hero that will not allow the love of his life, whether it’s a child…

Or a lover or a wife or a partner, to ever die.

The whole beauty of the movie The Notebook was that he refused to let her die. He went and visited her every single day and read her stories about how they used to be in love because he wanted to have one more moment with her where she recognized him. He refused to let her soul die.

Every year, every day, we’re sucked in by these magical moments that we see in movies.

We’re sucked in by these magical moments that we see and read in books.

Why? Because that is the true definition of true love.

Will you take a bullet for somebody? Will you stand in front of a moving car? Will you do anything possible to rescue that person when they’re emotionally down and emotionally distraught?

Will you drop everything in your life at that moment to listen to where they are?

And most importantly, and a great scene from the movie Passengers.

Even after finding out that your person deceived you — and they deceived you because, in life, people will deceive one another — there will be a moment in life in a real relationship with somebody that that person will do something to you that will literally break your world apart.

Why? Because they’re only human, and people make mistakes. But in that moment, are you able to clearly see the other person, clearly see how much they mean, and be able to put the ego aside?

I have a friendship like that with my friend, Greg.

Greg is somebody who I connected with instantly as a friend, even though we hated each other at first.

I don’t want to go into the whole story because I’ve talked about it before, but Greg is the beautiful soul who I can rely on in every which way.

There was a moment in our friendship where Greg lost a lot of money of mine.

He had to make the phone call. I heard the pain in his voice. I heard the anxiety in his voice. At that moment in our lives, we were just really reconnecting as friends. We weren’t super close yet, and yet we both recognized the beauty and the friendship that we had in the past and would could have in the future.

At that moment, I made a decision, and that decision was to support him, not get angry, not get pissed.

Was I angry and pissed about losing that money? Absolutely. It hurt. I can’t stand it. I wish I had that money back right now. But you know what? Every dime that I lost has been replaced by a friend that would literally go to bat with me. I know that, if I was down and out and hurting, that he would get on an airplane and literally come and literally talk me off the cliff. As a matter of fact, I’ve had emotional moments and breakdowns when I’ve texted him and said, hey, man, I’m on a cliff right now. And he’ll literally call me, even if he was in the middle of hanging with his kids or being with his woman.

That is what true love and true friendships are all about:

Having people in your life that are going to do those things for you because that’s why we’re here. That’s what every movie is all about, true friendships and true love.

Having a friend like that who can talk you through things and guide you through stuff is worth every single penny you can ever imagine in the thing we call the emotional bank. I’m lucky in life because I’ve got a couple of really good guy friends that will be there for me and be that for me.

But when it comes down to love, that’s what we’re all here for, those moments. Otherwise, we’ll just experiencing selfish love, love that just, well, benefits us in the moment that it benefits us.

We’ve all had that selfish love. We’ve all had that love that just benefits us in a moment. We’ve been in relationships where you don’t feel safe and secure and protected and honored.

And we also felt like we were second or third-best.

Love yourself first, as always, so you can love others as well as you love yourself. That’s the key to true love.