You’ve met a woman.

She sees you for who you are.

She has warm, mushy feelings.

She’s starting to get emotionally vulnerable, and viola.

Like Santa appears on a chimney…

Like snow comes down on Christmas Eve (well, maybe not that… but a woman is falling in love with you)…

Here are three reasons why you need crazy glue to keep her back together again.

1. Crazy glue sticks like nothing else.

You ever crazy glue on your hands?

It just sticks on your hands. It literally cannot be pulled apart if you hold your fingers together. And that’s the reason why the only thing that will keep her together is crazy glue.

When a woman falls in love, she loses everything. She starts to feel a little less secure, more vulnerable, yet she feels safe around you to get yet she goes through all theses emotions of not feeling safe, of not feeling secure, not feeling wanted.

She doesn’t know what to do with herself. She’s falling in love. She loves what she’s feeling, but it scares the shit out of her.

What if you turn into all the other guys?

She has emotional outburst. Small little things that wonder, Whoa wait a second, what happened? Is she going crazy?

2. She’s crazy for you.

That’s why you need the glue, because she’s not going crazy. There are songs, there are things, there’s all this stuff that’s written about it. But the bottom line is: when a woman starts giving you her heart, she’ll start to feel a little fearful, a little insecure.

A little like, what if he doesn’t feel the same thing? You’re feeling it the same way, but you tend to not vocalize it as much. Women tend to get a little, well, out of sorts during this process. It’s beautiful. It’s lovely. They’re becoming emotionally vulnerable to you and you need to embrace it. So you need to make sure that you are the crazy glue for them, which leads us to.

3. She’s not crazy.

She doesn’t need any glue. Because the only glue she needs for the crazy that she’s feeling is the glue that the man that you are. You need to make her feel safe and secure, and wonderful about being emotionally vulnerable to you.

That’s what most important. Making her feel emotionally safe so emotionally vulnerable outburst are well received.

To me, it’s beautiful when the feminine really comes and shows. I’d rather have a woman that comes to pieces when she’s falling in love, not a woman that is calculated, and literally like a dude.

I’ve fallen in love with both types of women.

I got the emotionally vulnerable women that get all nuts and crazy, and I need to be the glue to put them back together, and crazy in a good way.

And then I’ve had the women that have just been very controlled. And to tell you the truth, don’t like that. Been with that type of woman. Really don’t like that type of woman. So the next time a woman becomes unglued around you, and she starts falling in love with you, remember:

You are the crazy – you are the glue to her crazy. You are the glue that’s putting her back together again. And the Crazy that she’s doing, and the crazy that she’s feeling. There’s a crazy love for you. You amazing man. So respect it, honor it and love it.