I’m going to confess something right now.

A confession that is very personal to me. You’ll learn from what I have to say and you’ll fully embrace this message.

Here it is…

The number one key to success in a great relationship is to find your high vibrational equal.

Someone who you can co-create magic with every single day. Someone who can uplift you to new levels of life that you’ve yet to experience.

Emotionally, mentally and physically, the person you’re with should be uplifting you to a new level of higher consciousness. A level of consciousness that your soul has been desiring to attain.

As men and women, that is really our journey as souls. Our souls are on a journey to reach a high level of consciousness.

A God or Goddess-like consciousness, where you’re actually really in tune with your intuition and acting upon all the heart space that your heart will allow.

When you finally erase or eliminate all the triggers and all the old stories, you’re finally in a place in life where you’re going to be able to go to a higher plane of consciousness with yourself, which in turn will give you a higher plane of consciousness with a partner.

This year, I dated a couple of people.

It didn’t work out, which I’m really glad about.

Why? Because they gave me valuable lessons.

They allowed me to see an old pattern coming back.

A pattern of me rescuing or bringing other people up to my level of consciousness.

Because when you conduct your life as a high vibrational being, you literally will attract millions of people to you.

Everybody wants that, everybody wants to be around it and most people will buckle in and hop on for the ride of their life.

But the thing is, being a high vibrational person means something, and it’s extremely important that you get this right.

You need to distinguish the people who are your equal and the people who are just along for the ride.

Being a nurturer, being a lover and being somebody who only sees the best in somebody, I’ve had a history of taking people along for the magical ride.


Well, it was my old programming.

It was my rescuing. I was my mother’s emotional husband growing up, so by being my mother’s emotional husband, love to me was always about bringing somebody up a few notches.

One of the last people that I dated, I was doing the exact same thing.

I’m a huge dreamer.

Somebody who wholly believes in unlimited potential in life.

She wasn’t like that. So, she was along for the ride. And at a certain point, she could no longer handle the ride. She no longer wanted to be on that ride, which I thoroughly honor and respect.

It doesn’t make them a bad person because they’re not your equal.

It actually makes them a great person, because they acknowledge that they’re not your equal and they’re not going to suck your energy dry, nor are they going to buckle in and have to wear three seatbelts because the ride you’re taking them on is a ride they never imagined.

When you develop this high level of consciousness, you’re literally vibrating at a much different level than most people out there.

So you’re going to attract a lot of people, but it’s up to you to distinguish if somebody is your equal right away. A lot of people will pretend to be your equal, and they will wear the mask of their representative when they show up.

They will literally try to to keep pace with you.

So, it’s a matter of you distinguishing if you’re with somebody who’s your equal or somebody who’s not.

Your equal will co-create, inspire you, literally leave you feeling like you’re having an emotional high every single day after connecting with them.

They will take your thought consciousness and challenge it, so you’ll be able to get to a higher level of consciousness in your life.

And that’s where I’m at.

That’s why I’m fully involved. It might have taken me a long time to get here, but where I’m at right now is one of the most beautiful feelings I’ve ever felt, and in my life I know that my high vibrational equal is literally right there. I can see her.

I can feel her.

I can taste her.

And I know that she’s actually seeking me by putting her high vibrational energy out to the universe so we can discover one another.

So, look out, because when discovery process starts it’s like a wave that never ends.