How many of you feel like a soggy fry on a plate at your favorite burger place?

I want you to think about this for a second.

So many people get involved in a relationship that doesn’t serve them at all.

You’re waiting for somebody to be something.

They love you in bits and pieces, but you don’t fully feel love.

You’re with someone who doesn’t really satisfy you sexually at all. Maybe once in a while, the sex is good, but most of the time, it’s not what you desire and deserve.

You feel like you’re always constantly seeing the best in them trying to help them move forward, yet nothing every seems to change.

You’re happy some of the time, but not all the time.

But there’s no such thing as being happy all the time in any relationship. Any relationship is going to have conflict and resolution and everything. But if you’re happy just some of the time, I want you to look at this analogy, and why I feel like you’re living your love life like a soggy french fry on a plate in your favorite burger place.

Imagine going to your favorite burger place tonight.

And when you get there, you’re so excited. Tonight is the night that you’re going to create your own burger and you’re going to dive into the truffle fries.

You waited all week to have those unbelievably crispy, warm, perfectly salted truffle fries that literally melt in your mouth.

When you get there, you’re all excited.

You’ve been looking forward to this all week.

The waiter comes over with a big smile and says, “what can I get for you tonight?”

And you look at the waiter and you tell the waiter, “I’ve been waiting all week for this. I love your food.”

“I even brought my friend here today, and my friend is going to experience your amazing burgers and fries for the very, very first time.”

The waiter says “Great. Let’s take your orders so we can satisfy you and make you feel wonderful.”

You look at the waiter and you say,

“I’ll have a burger, medium rare.

“With avocado, sprouts, mayo, pickles.

“I’ll take the gluten free bun as well.

“And to top it all off, what I’ve been craving all week is your incredible, amazing truffle fries.”

The waiter has a perplexed look on his face.

He looks and says, “I’m really sorry. We don’t have any truffle fries tonight. We’ve run out. “

So instead of ordering something else, you’re so use to having scraps in your life, cause it’s the way you conduct your love life, you look at the waiter and say, “Is there anything you can do?”

The waiter, knowing that you’re a person who’s satisfied by scraps in a relationship, looks directly at you and says, “I have an idea.”

You look at the waiter and say, “What’s the idea?”

The waiter looked around the restaurant, and said. I see quite a few people who didn’t finish all their fries. I can gather them all up and bring them to you.

You look at the waiter and you think to yourself, yeah it’s exactly what I’m looking for. Soggy french fries, just like my soggy relationships. Just like my soggy love life.

Do you get the point? Would you really go and eat other people’s soggy, left over fries? Fries that have been sneezed on by little children.

Fries that have been played with and abused.

Fries that have sat there for two hours while the ball game was on, and the owner of those fries didn’t choose to eat them.

Would you eat soggy french fries? Absolutely not. Then why do you continue to conduct yourself in your relationships dating soggy french fries?

If you don’t go into a restaurant wanting other people’s scraps, why do you go out with people who are literally other people’s scraps?

Why do you stay in a relationship when you feel like you’re just getting the scraps?

I can tell you why. Because you don’t feel like your deserve it. You don’t have an abundant mind set about relationships.

My mother always told me there was nobody perfect out there for you.

That I would have make to amends, I’ll never have somebody who I can have great sex and a great friendship with.

But in reality, that’s a bunch of bullshit. Because there is somebody who’s perfect for me. They’re equally flawed.

They’re equally still growing.

But we have the same goal and intention in mind.

We truly want to love one another. We truly want to be together. Want to continue to rock each other’s world sexually and be each other’s best friends.

You see, if I don’t stand up for who I am and what I want, I don’t believe that it’s going to come, because I know it will, then I can just be like the rest of you.

And date soggy french fries. And continue to enjoy the scraps that are giving to me.

So here’s your mantra.

Don’t accept any more soggy french fries. Hold out for the crisp, hot, warm truffle fries.