All you guys out there who love “chasing tail” (as they say)…

I’ve gotta tell you something.

It’s literally masturbation.

Let me explain why.

One night stands SUCK.

Sure, maybe they’re good for your ego.

You tell your friends about some ass you just crushed. They give you a high-five and a “sick, bro.” And that strokes your ego a bit.

So let’s be honest about it. One night stands are ego validations. They validate your ego because it makes you think like you got over on someone. Like you’ve made some conquest.

Remember when you were younger and you got trophies for things? That’s all a one-night stand is. The girl you’re having the one night stand with is just your trophy for the night.

But that’s not the only danger of having a one night stand…

Watch the video below to learn more about what I think one night stands REALLY do to you and why they’re bad for you.

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