This is an open letter to all my readers. I have but one question today: What’s wrong with people?!

Last week I posted a blog titled “Space Invaders” which some of you complained was too long. Some of you complained that it took a long time to read the whole thing.

So first I got complaints about giving you too much advice . . . and making you have to read a slightly longer than usual document to get that advice.

That was an important blog on an important subject. Whether you chose to want to read it at all or in its entirety is totally up to you. Hearing complaints about the length of that blog wasn’t a big issue to me at all.

That same day, however, I also posted a video along with the “Space Invaders” blog. There were more complaints. Specifically, a number of you complained that the video I posted that day — the FREE video I posted along with the FREE advice I provided in the blog — was a “repeat.”

Apparently I am giving too much free written advice, but not enough original free video advice.

There were complaints that you had already seen that video. There were criticisms about my failure to post a new video.

What’s with you people?!

It’s a free video. I’m working my ass off giving you guys great information every day. A lot of the information and teaching I do I give all of you for free.

I actually went and checked, and discovered that some of you who were complaining have never purchased a product from me . . . ever. Yet somehow you feel it appropriate to complain about the free video I post with free advice in it.

When did this overwhelming sense of audacity and sense of entitlement become so prevalent? What’s wrong with people?!

Those of you who complained or who were “put off” by the fact that I posted a blog that you felt was too long or a video that was a “repeat” need to stop and think about things. Really take a minute and think about this.

I work very hard.  I don’t expect you to buy my products.  I certainly would like you to buy my products, but I don’t expect you to buy them.

I don’t think this is unreasonable.

I take time out to give all of you free videos, free blogs, free podcasts and lot of other great free information every single day.

How about some appreciation? At a minimum follow that rule your mother taught you about “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all…” (especially when you’re complaining about what you’re getting for free!) C’mon everyone!

I couldn’t believe it when a member of my team read me the comments from some of you about the video being a repeat. Get real. It’s free information. Why don’t you try working every day to to put up a blog for free just to educate people?

I am sure if I came to your place of business and complained that you don’t perform enough work for me for free that I would get some pretty outraged responses. So for those of you who complained, I expect an apology in this blog today!

ALSO….Keep your eye on the blog this week, because I will be making a HUGE announcement — perhaps the biggest announcement I’ve made in the last decade. It’s that big. This is one you will not want to miss.

You know what the perfect analogy is for this? These people who are complaining are the same people who go to COSTCO every Saturday to get the free food samples, then who would complain that the teriyaki chicken fingers are too salty or that they’ve served the strawberry frozen fruit bars three Saturdays in a row (instead of also giving samples of the peach or grape flavors). I can only imagine the reaction these people would get from that lady in the hair net serving them that little piece of chicken on a toothpick if they actually made those complaints. . .

Today’s video is my take on the movie “He’s Just Not That Into You” … and as usual, I am not shy in telling you EXACTLY what I think!