Imagine being able to turn a woman on so much that the very next day, all you need to do is text her these few words: “I can still taste your skin.” Also imagine that when you text her those words that she will text you these words back: “I am so fuckin’ wet right now. When can we do that again?”

Isn’t it time you learned how to turn on a woman so much that she’ll be begging you for sex instead of you begging her?

Isn’t it time to experience the kind of life where a woman after sex with you will say that she has never felt more amazing or more connected to someone in her whole life?

Don’t you want the power to become the world’s best lover for every woman you’re with and to be able to fully understand the sensuality and eroticism of women?

Women are very sensual, erotic creatures. Everything about them is slow, sensual foreplay – from the conversations to the soft, deep kisses.

When men masturbate, they want to get off. Unfortunately, most men bring those skills into the bedroom when they’re with a woman . . . and most women leave totally unfulfilled. In my ten years of coaching women, their number one complaint is that men have no clue how to bring out the naughty, erotic and sensual beings that women are.

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There are many ways to turn a woman on, but in today’s blog I am going to share with you one of my favorites. This one will have her BEGGING you to come back the very next night.

Take control. When she’s in the bedroom, light the candles. Slowly undress her until she’s naked. Look her up and down showing her you are admiring her body. Always look back at her eyes after you look at her body so you can connect with her soul. This will connect you with her on a very deep level.

Then you push her very slowly to lie down on the bed. Take one of her feet and start kissing it, including sucking a little bit on her toes, and including kissing both the inside and outside of the foot.

Next start kissing up the inside of her leg from her ankle up to the inside of her calf, slowly tasting the skin. Alternate between little tastes of your tongue and little kisses of your lips. When you get to the back of her knee, kiss there with the flick of your tongue (as this is a very sensitive part of a woman’s body).

Now make your way to her thigh, kissing there softly. Work your way toward her butt, and slowly kiss her there making your way to her lower back where it’s very sensitive. Continue working your way up her back, kissing every inch.

As you get close to her neck, gently pull her hair back away from her neck and push it aside. Start kissing her neck, eventually working your way to her ear. As you are kissing her ear, press your body against hers.

Now whisper in her ear “I’ve just started with you.” Breathe in her ear. Let a little moan go in her ear. This will get her extremely hot. Feeling the pressure of your body against hers as you’re doing this will turn her on even more.

Work your way down her body and repeat the same thing on the other side. Every time you circle around her body, don’t forget to give her a deep kiss so that she feels your passion. Then slowly flip her over and do the same thing on the other side beginning with working your way up both legs.

Don’t even think about licking her pussy yet. Start kissing the whole front of her body from head to toe. Kiss her stomach. Kiss her breasts. Kiss her inner thighs.

While you’re working your way up, tell her to look in your eyes. Kiss her lips so you can feel her heat. The key to this whole part is to take your time.

When you kiss her body you want to taste every inch of it. When you kiss her breasts, slowly taste with your mouth all the way around her breasts, alternating using your tongue and your mouth as you kiss them very lightly.

When you kiss her nipples, remember that some women like them nibbled on gently, some women like them kissed, while other women like them licked. Find out how she likes her nipples sucked, kissed and licked . . . this is also part of the adventure.

Remember when you’re kissing her thighs to make sure you move up and down each leg very slowly with your mouth and tongue. Use soft little kisses and soft little tastes with your tongue. Do not slobber on her like she’s a baby-back rib.

By now after you have kissed every inch of her body – front and back – she is going to be dripping wet with anticipation. Now it’s time to hit pay dirt. Kiss her inner thighs on both sides after you’ve worked your way up both legs.

Work your way around her vagina lips by kissing them ever so slowly. Take your tongue and work it around the outside of her vagina lips on the outside, slowly circling around the entire outside of her vagina.

Now take your tongue and SLOWLY circle it on the inside of her vagina lips. Every time you circle past her clit, she will let out a sigh or a moan. Now instead of just going next to her clit and working it, kiss her whole body again from head to toe.

Make one last trip around the front of her body, and don’t forget to kiss her passionately and deeply. When you deeply kiss her, make sure to put your entire body on her body. At this point she’s going to want to have sex with you, but you’re not finished with her yet.

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Grind up against her. Let her feel how turned on you are. Kiss her deeply. When you’re done kissing her, look into her eyes and smile. Then take your tongue and flick it down the front of her body until you reach her clit.

Start licking her clit ever so gently using circular side to side motions. Now start kissing her entire vagina with your lips. Alternate kissing her vagina and licking her clitoris. Take your time. The longer you take, the bigger she’s going to erupt.

Now tell her to take her hands and spread her lips apart for you. Now take your tongue and start licking her whole vagina again then go right to her clit. Alternate side to side and up and down, until you find the pressure that she likes.

Now take one finger and slip it inside her as you’re licking her. Curl it up about an inch and a half inside her and find her g-spot. Start rubbing her g-spot ever so gently while you’re licking her. Her g-spot should feel very spongy. Once you find her g-spot, increase the pressure on her g-spot and increase the pressure with your tongue.

You now have a woman who is going to explode with ecstasy. The longer you take with a woman, the better the sex is going to be.

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The most powerful thing I ever learned, most powerful thing I’ve ever embraced, was when my mother’s friends sat me down when I was 18 and taught me how women want to be begged for sex.

I’ll never forget that day.

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